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3 Success Stories Of AI With Google and Facebook

AI with Google and Facebook: Since the emergence of the Internet, the world of technology has always been surprising with new algorithms, tools and applications.

In Digital Marketing, this pace is even faster when professionals combine these resources with innovative strategies.

In this article, you will see 3 successful cases of this strategy with concrete results. But first, let’s talk about the role of robots in this success.

Talking about a robot refers to science fiction movies and their incredibly fascinating representations. But in the real world, the robot is quite different. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessarily a powerful and large machine. But, a succession of codes can be inside a small system. 

And these Artificial Intelligence robots are spread everywhere and are part of our daily routine. Just look at what happens on Google: you do a search, and instantly, many results appear. 

What amazes me is not only the quantity but also the quality. Google’s little robots scan and identify the answers that best suit our search according to our profile. 

The New Digital Economy

Another example of a massive application of Artificial Intelligence is Facebook, which uses it to predict people’s behavior on social networks. This happens because the robot can learn about our likes and dislikes based on our likes. 

In addition to what we type on the Internet, Facebook is developing systems capable of understanding what is in a photo or video, such as objects, scenes or people. More than that, he will be able to understand the context, as Mark Zuckerberg himself declared on his official page. 

These two global technology giants are betting on a world completely different from the one we have today. 

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence Strategy With Google And Facebook

In Digital Marketing, this growth should be greater, given the need for companies to communicate with customers during distancing and social isolation. Therefore, they need more accurate and efficient tools.

On the other hand, using Artificial Intelligence brings an incredible benefit: the drastic reduction of invasive ads. This happens because the machines can process an incalculable amount of data and offer increasingly personalized information about customer profiles. 

In this way, Digital Marketing fits perfectly with the need for companies to offer exclusive and timely experiences in the relationship with each consumer. 

Likewise, this technology allows marketing tasks to be automated, improving performance and reducing the risk of errors. Undoubtedly, this allows professionals to have more time dedicated to working on creative content and innovative strategies.

See The Success Stories Of Artificial Intelligence With Google And Facebook

The Artificial Intelligence Strategy with Google and Facebook. It matches various tools’ specific properties and applications with the customers’ business objectives and consumer characteristics. The software is fed with this information and triggers the campaigns. In the meantime, they promote a process of constant improvement. 

Here are 3 success stories that yielded concrete results.

1st Case – Penetration Strategy

Financial sector company, present throughout the country selling credit card machines, started its Digital Strategy. It started from scratch and generated 7,807 leads in two months. 

In the same period, there were 1,550 conversions. Without a doubt, the leads that did not convert at first are being worked on in the Sales Funnel.

2nd Case – Improvement Process

Financial services companies present throughout the country that had already been developing their digital presence and Artificial Intelligence tools to improve their performance. Therefore, in six months, it increased lead generation by 122%. With less money invested, the company generated many more business opportunities.

3rd Case – Concrete Sales Results

Real estate developer operating in the interior. Following a company’s strategy, it combined actions on Google and Facebook to boost sales. As a result, sales increased by 30%.

In summary, associating Artificial Intelligence software with Google and Facebook showed incredible results for companies starting to work on their digital presence and those needing to improve their results.

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