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Digital Marketing Actions That Are Cringe

If you started investing in digital marketing, you might have seen some people offering to buy followers and automation tools for Instagram. Did you know that these are some strategies considered obsolete?

This post will explain which digital marketing actions are considered cringe. You will also understand that each business has its specification, channels and metrics. 

Therefore, it is not worth following people who insist on teaching marketing the wrong way, as only some strategies will work for your type of business. 

So, do you want to understand which digital marketing actions are cringe and why you should avoid them? So, continue reading our article. 

What Are Cringe Strategies? 

Cringe is a slang word in the English language. The term is used by young people from the “Z” generation and refers to something or someone that causes embarrassment or discomfort. However, it is also used to designate outdated “things”. 

In the case of marketing strategies, when we say that they are cringe, it means that they are obsolete; that is when digital marketing emerged, and few used these strategies, and they even made sense. But these days, they do more harm than help, as Google and social media algorithms are increasingly intelligent and identify when a human being or a robot acts. Therefore, it is not worth investing in obsolete marketing actions.

What Are The Digital Marketing Strategies That Are Not Recommended? 

Some techniques do not deliver results because they are obsolete due to rules, legislation, lack of purpose or because they need to generate reliable metrics. See the examples: 

Instagram Automation 

What is automation? It’s an action done by robots. And therefore, you lose the humanization in the service because people realize that whoever is there is not a human being. 

In this way, Instagram works on autopilot. However, the robotized speech for Joana will have a different effect on Maria; the automation fails. Therefore, strategies made by human beings still count and are more efficient. 

Email Marketing Blast

Sending email marketing without a strategy will not have the effect you need on digital marketing actions. More than scheduling emails, it’s essential to think about delivering valuable content to subscribers on your list. 

Let’s say you work for a company that offers social media management. You can deliver specific content that helps your client understand the importance of hiring a professional specializing in content management. 

But remember: you can’t send emails daily and fill leads’ inboxes with information. If that happens, you risk losing the subscriber and the company being seen as the “annoying one” for sending out emails daily.

Purchase Of Mailing

Another important detail about email marketing is the purchase of mailing (email or contact list). You shouldn’t buy lists to promote your brand. In addition to disrespecting the basic principles of marketing actions, you lose engagement, as many people on the list need to learn the brand and the product sold.

Product Sweepstakes 

Even today, many companies give away products or services on Instagram to attract customers. However, this is one of the digital marketing strategies considered cringe. 

The draw hinders the growth of the profile on the network, as people will interact with your brand just because you draw something rather than because they are interested in your products or services or your content. 

Buy Followers 

Buying followers is another cringe strategy in digital marketing that needs to be revised. When you buy followers, it’s like you have ′′ ghost ′′ people on your profile. 

There is no interaction on the posts, which is terrible because if no one likes, comments or shares your content, it is terrible. In the end, the Instagram algorithm will be able to punish you because if there are no reactions, it will understand that your content does not add value to people. 

Another important detail is related to sales. You can’t have an Instagram with more than 10k followers to show other people. Thinking this way is wanting a vanity metric. 

It would help if you had a profile with engaged followers, passionate about your brand, and who buy your products or services.  

Bulk Messages On WhatsApp

Another digital marketing strategy that damages the reputation of the company or the professional is mass messages on WhatsApp. Nobody likes to receive promotions or links to products or services without asking. 

So, don’t even think about sending mass messages, as you will disturb the disclosure of your company, and it may still be remembered as a tedious organization.  

Only Organic Traffic

Investing in organic traffic with content creation and Inbound Marketing strategies are important actions that work in digital marketing. However, you also need to think about paid traffic.

In this case, a marketing agency can help you with the work and bring many clients to your conversion zone. 

Engagement Groups For Instagram 

Returning to Instagram, many still invest in engagement groups. The strategy, while sounding good, needs to be revised. Think: you are part of the group, and those people only like, share and comment on your post out of obligation. 

They don’t do this because they like your content or intend to buy your products or services. So, what’s the use of having a profile with many followers and not having a financial return? 

Another detail is that engagement groups take down your reach and harm your Instagram account because when the first people like, comment, save and share your posts, Instagram first delivers your content to people. As for the others, it reduces the range.

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