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Cybersecurity: What Is Its Importance

Companies need to invest in cybersecurity or information technology security to avoid disruptions and intrusions into their security systems.

This term defines the practice of tools for protecting computers and servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data of companies, commerce, retail, industry, entertainment, and any business against hacker attacks.

There are different types of cyber attacks, such as cybercrime (more common in companies), politically motivated attacks, and cyber terrorism, which mainly generate panic and fear in the population.

Regarding cyber crimes, the critical point is that these attacks on the company do not always come from an external agent.

Often employees can, through carelessness, lack of information, or even lousy nature, introduce a virus into a company’s data system, for example. For this, companies must acquire cybersecurity systems and promote information about virtual security among their employees. 

Why Focus On Cybersecurity?

We live in the era of Industry 4.0 with the emergence of concepts such as metaverse, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things, among others. These are technologies that are part of the daily life of companies and have also brought new business models through information technology and new ways of protecting data and confidential information.

Other types of attacks that have recently affected the security systems of companies and require a lot of attention are:


This is the acronym for Distributed Denial of Service, an attack that causes tremendous damage mainly to shopping malls, commerce, retail stores, supermarkets, and commerce.

In this type of intrusion, criminals (on purpose) overload the servers so that the company’s page goes down. Since users, who are the company’s customers, cannot access the site, this generates a considerable loss in the commercial sector, which depends on sales, for example.


Well known to companies and the general public, malware or malicious software represents more traditional viruses.

Some examples are the Trojan Horse, spy programs, and those viruses that capture the screen and the keyboard to damage the computer of the user who holds the account.

These programs can obtain employee access credentials and passwords or even monitor this user’s activities.


This type of attack is widely used by criminals to collect company data. By using the name of the known company, the criminal uses its credibility to carry out the virtual attack.

Thus, employees’ cybersecurity and data protection awareness is essential to prevent this attack.

Internal Invasion

Very common within companies, internal employees can carry out this attack with access to data systems and other important information.

This way, these malicious collaborators gain access to confidential data or passwords. They can also use flash drives to install malware directly on the company’s system.

Advantages Of Using Cybersecurity

As they are highly accessible places, companies need a more robust cybersecurity plan, using up-to-date original software; constant backups, and different passwords for each company service, among other security measures.

The advantages of cybersecurity are numerous, starting with the protection of information, which is processed daily within organizations and which concerns the strategies of companies, which are often confidential.

A cyber-attack damages any business by blocking an internal system, stopping a company’s sales or production line, or even leaking confidential information or intellectual property.

In addition to the financial losses, the company victim of digital attacks has a loss of credibility, which causes damage to its image, emotional damage to customers, and even a possible drop in investments.

Thus, executives still need to study more on the subject and practice more effective and assertive actions. Four measures can help professionals in the field in this task.

Plan For Cybersecurity

The first step to take is to create a cybersecurity plan. It is necessary to have well-defined what must be done for sound risk management within the business ecosystem and what type of security program must be applied.

First, it is necessary to align with all company sectors so that they understand cybersecurity actions before they are implemented and monitored.

Preventive Organizational Culture

The company must have a risk-based cybersecurity organizational culture. In this way, all people in the organization, especially directors from all sectors, must deal with internal information according to corporate standards and policies.


Performing tests and internal audits are essential to analyze the company’s security strategies and thus analyze the speed of responses in the face of possible attacks and failures that need to be adjusted.

Insert Cybersecurity Into Organizational Culture

Employees play an essential role in cybersecurity, and many researchers point out that the attacks suffered by companies in the last year were carried out by employees from different sectors of the company.

Therefore, the company must have an internal awareness policy, working on cybersecurity as part of the organization’s culture and defense.

Investing in cybersecurity is a priority preventive work for managers of organizations. This generates a cost-benefit for the company as it avoids financial losses, damage to the corporate image, and loss of sales.

One thing is sure: experts are unanimous in saying that cybersecurity is the best way for companies to protect themselves against attacks.

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