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Digital Bait: How To Distribute Through Social Networks?

Digital Bait through Social Networks: Imagine you’re in a sea of ​​consumers, and competitors are trying to fish them out; what do you do? Use lead magnets to try to attract customers. 

A lead magnet is free content capable of arousing the public’s interest to make them give something in “exchange” for accessing the material. The more bait you throw, the more business opportunities you can generate! 

In this strategy, social networks are allies to expand the content reach and attract more people to your brand. But to use them efficiently, you need a system! 

Why Create High-Converting Lead Magnets?  

The result of the lead magnet should be a leader in your hand. Suppose the consumer is interested in your content and offers contact information. In that case, you already know he is interested in that subject and can strengthen the relationship to make him advance through the sales funnel. 

Therefore, if you want a high conversion rate in this lead generation process, lead magnets must be original material and relevant to the persona. 

There are several models and formats of lead magnets, the main ones being: 

  • eBooks
  • webinars; 
  • tools; 
  • templates; 
  • studies and research. 

The material must add value to the persona’s life, with the right content, at the right time. That is, this digital reward needs to be aligned with the stage of the purchase journey. 

The first step is to consider the baits within the digital marketing strategy. From there, it becomes possible to disseminate and promote this content on the brand’s channels, such as social networks, newsletters, pop-ups on the website, and CTAs on the blog.

How To Promote Lead Magnets On Social Networks? 

To make lead magnets effective, you must know how to build and market them. Here are the top tips for doing so: 

Leave A Taste Of “I Want.” 

The first tip to correctly publicize your lead magnet on social networks is to bet on the emotional side.

As we said, you need to consider the purchase journey during the production of content for each rich material. An eBook, for example, can be at the top of the funnel or even decisive for the moment of purchase.

But… on social networks, achieving this segmentation in your feed is difficult. Therefore, the big tip is to be attractive to many people.

The best way to do this attraction is to put a “taste” of what the content is in your feed. Show a little of what will be covered in the production and call your audience through a CTA to download it.

Use Sponsored Posts  

How do you know what stage of the journey consumers are at? Paid social media helps you with this task. When segmenting campaigns, you can define the characteristics and behaviors of the target audience according to their stage in the journey. 

Here’s an example: if you created an eBook at the bottom of the funnel and only want to reach those at the end of the journey, you can create a remarketing campaign and target those who have already accessed the product page on your website. 

In addition to qualifying audience segmentation, paid media has other advantages. They guarantee greater reach than organic and, on Instagram, allow you to include clickable links to external pages. 

Sponsored posts can lead visitors to the landing page offered by the lead magnet. But there are also specific lead generation ad formats like Facebook and LinkedIn Lead Ads. They include a native form on the social network for users to enter their data immediately without accessing an external link. 

Use Real-Time To Drive Engagement 

Remember how we discussed reaching consumers with the right content at the right time? Often, the right time is now! 

Real-time is this: knowing the subject of the moment, what users are talking about, and taking advantage of that to create content (the lead magnet itself or your promotional post) aligned to that moment. 

So instead of competing for attention with memes and trending topics, you join the conversation too .

Make The Links Accessible In Your Profile  

To get traffic and conversion, your lead magnet links must be reachable. They can be easily inserted into publications on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. In this case, it is worth shortening the link to make the URL more user-friendly. 

On Instagram, links in posts are not clickable — only in paid ads or stories for accounts with more than 10,000 followers. So, usually, profiles use the “link in bio” to make users access their external links.  

Plan Your Social Media Posting Schedule 

Finally, remember to fit the disclosure of lead magnets into the schedule of the other social media posts. Don’t just use social media for lead generation — you need to balance it with other goals like awareness and engagement. 

For this, plan the publications calendar with the prediction of the dates and times of the posts. Also, think about different channels and formats to promote the same lead magnet — approaching users more than once with different approaches tends to attract more interested parties.

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