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Chatbot for WhatsApp: Benefits and how does It Work

Chatbot for WhatsApp: Technology is an indispensable factor for those who want to increase sales. And among the various strategies, methods, solutions, and tools available, one stands out.

After all, do you know what a WhatsApp chatbot is? If not, no problem! Our mission is precisely to demonstrate the importance of this tool. Here, you will understand what a chatbot is, how it can complement WhatsApp, its advantages, and how you can create the ideal chatbot for your audience and operation. So, save time and follow!

What Is A Chatbot?

Just by the name, you can already know ​​what this technology is all about. A chatbot is nothing more than a conversation simulator software. In recent years, startups, companies, and initiatives of all sizes have widely used the tool, especially on their websites and digital channels.

The great quality of this technology is the automation of service, which ensures that your brand is always available to solve your consumers’ doubts and curiosities. When well-designed, a chatbot can interact fluidly and in an organic way, responding efficiently and naturally.

Although it looks like a complex technology, this is untrue. In reality, the beauty of the tool is precisely its simplicity. Its programming consists of implementing a FAQ (frequently asked questions and their answers) in a tree of previously planned interactions.

This technology is one of the most important in recent years, as it encourages commercial automation in companies of all types and sizes. Well-programmed, a chatbot can receive orders at a pizzeria, resolve queries at a fintech, issue duplicate invoices at a real estate agency, and so on.

How Does A Chatbot For WhatsApp Work?

With the explosive success of chatbots in apps and websites, companies realized a new opportunity. The platform is, by far, the country’s leading voice and text communication interface.

In this scenario, chatbot implementations on this platform began to emerge, what we call WhatsApp APIs. The operation is identical to what occurs in other interfaces, with the user interacting with a bot and thus solving their doubts and demands in an automated way.

The difference is that the interaction takes place directly on WhatsApp, an environment people are used to. With a WhatsApp chatbot for your brand, you can guarantee service automation at all times and modernize your commercial strategy and omnichannel presence.

Finally, it is also worth differentiating the WhatsApp chatbot from another novelty, the voice bot. As the name suggests, this technology uses voice commands as the main means of interaction and is revolutionizing automated service, replacing IVRs and other older and outdated systems.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Chatbot For WhatsApp?

Now that you know the topic well, it’s time to learn the main reasons to invest in this tool. Below, we list 6 specific advantages that can encourage your management to adopt this technology. Follow!


Nothing is more annoying than waiting for assistance, even when you want to resolve a query quickly. Chatbots eliminate waiting time and offer instant interaction with the user, responding and offering everything programmed in their range of interactions.


Being available 24/7 has always been an extreme challenge for companies. After all, this has always required a lot of employees, scales, and additional unhealthy conditions. With the chatbot, your WhatsApp works automatically and without human intervention.


Chatbots revolutionize customer service. In an internet and telephony provider, it is possible to enable the issuance of slips and reports. In real estate, the issuance of a 2nd copy of their contracts. In e-commerce, consumers can check where their order is in the delivery chain. The possibilities are endless.


In addition to reducing the friction between intention and purchase, chatbots can promote efficiency in your operation, regardless of your business model. With more agile services, in real-time and very objective, the customer can extract the best in the interaction without waiting and redundancies.


With a service of greater efficiency and speed, it is possible to improve the recognition and reputation of the brand in the market. This is an even more special quality for sectors with much user interaction and support, such as technical assistance, providers, real estate, e-commerce, etc.


This is the focus of every growing business. Scalability is the challenge of expanding operations without proportionally reflecting on costs. Instead of hiring a legion of attendants, the chatbot can support this demand with a considerably lower hiring cost.

How To Create A Chatbot For WhatsApp?

Now that you know the highlights of this technology, it’s time to understand its structure. Here, we will not explain the technical side of programming but the logical elaboration to create interactions that meet the expectations of your consumer audience — check it out!

Know Your Target Audience

A good audience segmentation study is essential for creating a chatbot. With this market observation, you identify your persona who consumes your brand’s services and, thus, can choose the best style of language, tone, and approach to interacting with this consumer.

Define A Strategy

Knowing your persona well and the types of services you offer, you already have the fundamental basis for creating the chatbot. With these details, you identify the functionalities you want to enable in the tool and the way you will provide the interaction to access these resources.

Build An Interaction Tree

The interaction tree is the structure of the logical sequence in contact with the consumer. For example, IF the consumer types “bolete,” the chatbot must REQUEST the registration code to locate the file and PERFORM the desired command to send the duplicate of the bolero.

It elaborates a structure of conditions, actions, and consequences, which later must be enveloped in a textual, fluid, and natural way. For the user, the impression that the interaction is similar to a conversation is important, as this encourages the perception of empathy and quality of care.

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