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Best Wireless Keyboards 2023: Selection For Different Styles

Wireless Keyboards: It is a notebook; these devices can be used for various purposes like work, studies, games, and much more. Thinking about making the most of the potential of their machines, many people invest in peripherals to improve the user experience.

And among these products, the keyboard is one of the most wanted to give that upgrade. If you’re considering buying a keyboard but don’t like all that mess wires can make or want to go a little further, we’ve rounded up the best wireless keyboards to buy in 2023. 

Best Wireless Keyboards 2023

Redragon K618 Horus

Our first indication among the best wireless keyboards is the Redragon K618 Horus. This model is a complete mechanical gaming keyboard to provide a good gaming experience without costing a fortune. The first plus point is the tri-mode connection, which works over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or an attached cable. And if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth, it also comes with a USB Bluetooth adapter, so you don’t have to use the cable.

The keys have a good size and RGB lighting. And if you play fast-paced games a lot, you know that a key that only works right can mess up your entire game. To avoid this, the Redragon K618 Horus has an anti-ghosting feature, which allows multiple keys to be used simultaneously without crashing for greater accuracy. 

Logitech G613

The Logitech G613 is among the best wireless keyboards for those who enjoy gaming and want an efficient device to help with a good experience during games. It is a mechanical keyboard with Light Speed ​​connection technology, a feature with latency similar to wired models that enhances the speed of exchanging information with the computer. But it also works via Bluetooth and 2 AA batteries. Keyboard compatibility is on Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and Android operating systems.

A very positive and interesting point of the Logitech G613 is the 6 fully customizable side keys through the Logitech G Hub application, where you can configure shortcuts according to your needs, bringing more versatility to different types of user profiles.

Motospeed CK62

Motospeed CK62 is the indication for those users who want a gaming keyboard that only takes up a little space on the table. The model is a 60% keyboard; that is, it does not have the numeric or arrow keys to save space. It also comes with fully customizable RGB lights, as well as shortcuts. 

This model also has an anti-ghosting feature, which can recognize the touch even if multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. But the big difference is that this feature works on 100% of the keys. The connection can be made via wire or Bluetooth, compatible with PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.

Logitech K380

The Logitech K380 is an indication for anyone looking for a good, cheap, compact model among the best wireless keyboards. The design is one of the great differentials of the product. Its keys have a concave shape to offer more comfort when typing and are small to carry with you during displacements easily.

Another positive point of the Logitech K380 is the Bluetooth connection that allows use in different devices and operating systems. The keyboard can simultaneously connect up to 3 devices and switch between them with a simple tap. The Logitech K380 even automatically maps keys and shortcuts for different platforms. Among the biggest disadvantages of this model is the need for a numerical keyboard. The connection can only be made via Bluetooth, but to compensate, it comes with two AA batteries for greater energy efficiency for a longer time.

Anne Pro 2

One more model among the best wireless keyboards in 2023 for those who want a very compact and minimalist model. The Anne Pro 2 is also a 60% model, but its size makes it more efficient for work, studies, or games. 

Connection is made via the removable USB-C cable or Bluetooth, making it possible to pair up to 4 devices. Anne Pro 2 is compatible with Windows operating systems from 7, Mac OS, and Linux. The keyboard is beautiful and has some colored keys to customize your device. Even compact, it is an excellent value for money, with good construction and experience for typing or gaming.

Logitech K400 Plus

Have you ever imagined having a keyboard and mouse together in one device? This is the proposal for the Logitech K400 Plus. It is a membrane keyboard with a notebook-like touch pad in the right corner. Another important point is its range of up to 10 meters away. That is, you can use the keyboard and mouse from afar to work on your computer, TV and even video games much easier.

The keyboard comes in the ABNT 2 typing standard and works on Windows 7 and Android 5 or later. The keys are very flat and have protection against dust and splashing water, which provides greater durability. The battery uses two AA batteries for operation and has an on/off switch to save energy.

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