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Digital Marketing via WhatsApp: 8 Tips To Put Into Practice

In addition to social networks, email marketing, SMS, blogs, and Google, your company needs to include digital marketing via WhatsApp in its strategies to attract users and convert customers.

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has become the main communication channel between people. The channel wouldn’t take long to become an attractive space for companies.

And make no mistake. Digital marketing actions via WhatsApp are not limited to creating groups or mass content broadcast lists.

How To Use digital marketing via WhatsApp

But how do you use WhatsApp in your digital marketing actions? Below we separate some suggestions for using the channel to respond to customer calls and make your company proactive in communicating launches, products, and news.

Create A Business Account

The first step is to create a business account. As we mentioned above, you have two options. However, they are pretty different.

The WhatsApp API aims to create complex artificial intelligence and machine learning automation. This solution is usually aimed at large companies with a vast contact base. If this is not your case, we recommend the WhatsApp Business App.

Complete Your Business Profile

The first difference between WhatsApp Business and the app you already have on your smartphone is the possibility of creating a professional profile that includes information such as:

  • address;
  • site;
  • opening hours and more.

Also, with a professional account, WhatsApp verifies the authenticity of your business. This simple detail makes all the difference for the user to trust that he is dealing with a company.

Solicit Opt-In

Opt-in on WhatsApp is mandatory for you to be able to contact your leads. This means you need their authorization to start your conversation using that channel. Authorization can be requested on the conversion landing page form, for example.

The golden rule of marketing on WhatsApp is never spam. This is so serious that you could lose your number if you don’t follow the guidelines!

Use Broadcast Lists Sparingly

Look at them there! Broadcast lists allow you to send the same message to several contacts simultaneously without one lead knowing about the other. It’s like blind copying email.

You can send a message via a broadcast list to everyone with your number in their phone contacts.

This can impede some situations, but you can get around it by sending individual messages and asking the contact to save your number from receiving news, promotions, and other content.

Bet On Personalized Messages

This is a more exciting strategy for your digital marketing actions via WhatsApp. Personalized or segmented messages have greater conversion power (even with lower reach).

Suppose you know a customer’s profile and what product or service might interest you. Therefore, instead of sending a generic message about a launch, why invest in more personalized communication, showing the product or service’s effectiveness for that particular lead?

If you don’t know the profile of a specific customer, you can segment messages by groups of people. This segmentation can come from the conversion channel that the lead came from, using information such as the type of landing page or the data filled in the form.

Share Relevant Content

In addition to promotions, products, and services, digital marketing via WhatsApp should also prioritize sharing other content relevant to its customers.

Sending news and tips related to your business is a way to keep customers around, remembering your brand, without trying to convince them to buy.

For example, you can share fashion tips if you have a clothing store. An accounting firm can advise on deadlines and explain taxes. And there you go!

Marketing Viral, No WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become a perfect channel for sharing viral images, GIFs, or videos. If you still don’t know how to use viral marketing in your strategy, it could be because you lack inspiration.

Make Sales via WhatsApp

WhatsApp also makes life easier for you and your customers by allowing them to purchase within the platform.

For this, you will need to create a product catalog so that they can choose what they need. Through messages, the customer can reserve the product and make the payment.

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