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Big Data: How To Apply It To Your Business Strategy!

Big Data for Business Strategy: Data, data, data… They’re everywhere! With every click you make, every website you access, and every form you fill out, dozens of data are collected and form what we call Big Data.

Big Data is the massive volume of data that the digital economy generates. They could be just a few billion bits across the Internet, but their power goes far beyond that.

From giants like NASA and Nike to small businesses, companies can leverage their strategies and make better decisions when they know how to turn data into intelligence.

What Is Big Data?

Big Data is the massive set of structured and unstructured data with which companies and organizations can work to generate intelligence and support decisions.

Big Data is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies. With the Internet and the frequent use of connected devices, people generate many data daily – from accessing social networks to using voice assistants and connected refrigerators.

For companies, this data is valuable. Those who know how to collect, process and analyze data can transform them into information to improve their strategies and achieve more results.

But, Big Data needs the help of tools and human intelligence to be practical. Otherwise, it’s just raw data that humans can’t even understand.

Big Data Market And Professionalization

The Big Data market is increasingly heated. It is not by chance: companies need more qualified professionals to execute all Data Science processes if data continues to appear at an accelerated speed.

A team that works with Big Data needs to be multidisciplinary. Technology, development, administration, marketing, engineering, statistics, and mathematics professionals can join the group.

In general, everyone must have a business vision since working with data needs to be helpful for the company and integrated with all departments.

To become a professional in the Big Data market, there are several courses, from undergraduate and graduate to free classes, online or face-to-face, to specialize in one of the areas.

Five Tips To Apply Big Data In Practice!

Do you need help with how Big Data works in practice? Next, let’s see some tips on how to apply this area in the business to enhance your digital marketing strategies :

Make Decisions Based On Data Interpretation

The current market requires data-driven companies, that is, data-driven. Decisions in any area of ​​the business need to go through data analysis. There’s no more room for schisms, okay?

In marketing, it is essential to analyze the market, consumers, competitors, and the company’s performance to draw up more efficient strategies and take fewer risks.

Take The Opportunity To Understand The Market And The Public

Market data is valuable for understanding how your audience behaves and their likes, doubts, pains, and needs.

This information serves to segment your target audience, build your persona and create successful strategies, from product creation to advertising and social media campaigns.

Find Out How To Offer The Best Shopping Experience

Analyze your website data. This task reveals the person’s preferences, the best-selling products, the most accessed pages, the bottlenecks in the buying process, and the vanishing points that make the buyer give up before paying.

Combine this data with the consumer’s profile and behavior and understand how to improve your store’s shopping experience. That way, you’ll get a lot more conversions!

Explore Data Sources Relevant To Your Business

In digital marketing, it is common to limit ourselves to web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Social Analytics (native analysis tools for social networks).

However, marketing can use several other data sources, structured or unstructured. News portals, research institutes, academic works, and other sources can enrich the analysis.

The important thing is to look for sources relevant to the business’s objectives and area of ​​activity.

Apply Knowledge In Marketing Automation

Big Data is closely related to automation. It is through large data sets that machines learn to act like people, in  ​​machine learning, for example.

Then, apply the knowledge the data generates in your company’s marketing automation. This can come in handy in automated lead management, segmenting remarketing campaigns, and automatically triggering emails. This way, marketing becomes more efficient and allows you to scale strategies.

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