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Paying Contactless Is Even Easier With The iPhone

“We only accept cash payments”: Does this sentence sound familiar to you? This will soon be over if Apple has its way – with the iPhone as a card reader!

Set Up Apple Pay On iPhone

You must first add a credit card supported by Apple Pay to Wallet to use Apple Pay when opening Wallet on the iPhone, a reference to Apple Pay should already appear. Either tap on “Add” or the plus symbol at the top right.

From the list of suggestions, tap the card or provider you want, or select Add another card. Now you can scan your credit card or enter the data manually. After entering the security code, the card will be verified with your provider. After that, you can use Apple Pay. 

Have you also saved your credit or debit card on your smartphone so that you can make contactless payments? Stupid only when it says: “We only accept cash payments” – a problem that you may know from smaller shops or restaurants. Because it is often just not worth buying an expensive card reader for them, Apple has recognized the misery and now wants to help. As? With the introduction of the new “Tap to Pay” function, the iPhone will be transformed into a contactless payment terminal, thus retiring the card reader. For you, this would mean that you would soon be able to make contactless payments anywhere with your iPhone.

Pay Contactless: The Last Hurdle Cleared Thanks To Apple “Tap To Pay.”

With the help of the NFC chip already installed in many iPhones, “Tap to Pay” can interact with both physical chip cards and other smartphones. Best of all, customers can make their payments via Apple Pay and make contactless payments with Google Pay and Samsung Pay. The buyer does not necessarily have to have an iPhone to use the payment terminal.

As Apple announced, the feature will be enabled for the iPhone XS and all later models. The starting signal for the new function should be the introduction of iOS 15.4. But beware: This does not mean that you can start immediately after updating your iPhone operating system. App developers and payment platforms will then have the chance to integrate the feature into their iOS apps as a payment option for their customers. Some are already doing this: “Stripe” is said to be the first payment platform that will offer “Tap to Pay” on the iPhone for customers via a new “Shopify” app. According to Apple, other media and apps will follow later this year.

Who Will Benefit From Apple’s New Tap To Pay Feature?

As mentioned initially, all buyers and sellers who want to accept credit or debit cards have had to purchase an expensive card reader. However, in particular, small retailers do not want to bear these costs and therefore do not currently accept contactless payments. “Tap to Pay” could be the solution. “As more consumers pay with digital wallets and credit cards, ‘Tap to Pay’ on iPhone will offer businesses a secure, private and easy way to accept contactless payments,” said Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, Jennifer Bailey.

Apple would certainly not only be doing a few shopkeepers and market traders a favor with this. Customers should also be happy to be soon able to leave their wallets at home for good – even if the utterly digital transfer of money has not yet become widespread in retail. Despite the request from many companies, fueled by the global corona pandemic, to prefer contactless payment to cash exchange, we Germans in particular still often pull out our wallets. The good thing is that we still have a little time to free ourselves from our bills and coins finally. 

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