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Is Your Data Secure? Protect Yourself From Stalkerware!

Data Secure: Do you feel safe using your mobile device functions? Despite all the security technology developed today, the invasion of your privacy can depend on just one click on a link!

This violation is conceptualized as Stalkerware and can harm victims significantly and reveal severe problems for people adept at this practice. Also, these spy apps can be on Google Play or Play Store.

What Is Stalkerware?

Objectively, Stalkerware is malicious software that accesses the information on your mobile device without consent, in addition to being able to do so in real time.

Therefore, your privacy is violated, and you may not realize this is happening, as this program’s interface can be camouflaged in different ways, such as applications, or even become invisible.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the signs that the invasion of this mechanism can generate on your cell phone or computer because, from them, you will be able to identify the presence of Stalkerware in it.

How To Find Out If Someone Is Spying On My Cell Phone?

Before understanding the main ways of identifying this severe violation, it is essential to understand the patterns of installing this mechanism on your device.

The most common form is activation through malicious links, which usually have phrases with mental triggers that immediately induce the click on the link.

Also, it can get installed on a victim’s device through infected apps and programs.

It is also worth noting that some of these Stalkerware applications tend to have names such as “Mobile Tool,” “Flash KeyLogger,” “Agent,” or “Cerberus,” and it is essential to avoid files with these names.

After that, it takes the form of a regular app so that it won’t be removed. Despite this attempt going unnoticed, your device may show signs such as:

  • Decrease in your device’s battery life ;
  • Frequent requests to grant permissions;
  • Changes to its configuration that the user did not authorize;

Given these characteristics, applying tools to protect your personal data is essential, as will be discussed throughout this article.

But first, understand what Stalkerware can threaten your digital security through the following topic!

What Can A Stalkerware See On My Cell Phone?

Due to the compact, dynamic, and portable form of mobile devices, the concentration of data on them has become very common for most users, drawing attention to cruel practices such as Stalkerware!

Therefore, through Stalkerware, the other person can have access to various personal data of a user, such as:

  • files, photos, screenshots, and documents contained in the device;
  • messages exchanged with other users on social networks;
  • background phone calls made with the device;
  • person’s camera and microphone in real-time;

Despite being an invasive practice, in many countries, using Stalkerware is not considered a crime. It is common for parents to monitor their children or, in relationships, for the victim’s partner to monitor their activities.

Why Do People Close To The Victim Use Stalkerware?

Apps represent a more practical way for people with physical access to their partner’s device to have details about their partner’s activities on the web.

For parents and guardians, this operating system is seen as a tool that can help protect their children from the dangers of the internet.

However, this practice can reveal many negative characteristics in its practitioners, such as abusive relationships, overprotection, alienation, and obsession, which go beyond the limits of curiosity and health concerns.

Now that you know how Stalkerware works, it’s time to understand how to prevent this practice. For that, be sure to check out the topic below!

How To Protect My Data?

Protecting your data against malware of this type is essential to preserve the integrity of your privacy. Put these tips into practice:

Enable Safe Mode

The security mode is a configuration in your mobile device that will enforce the authorizations and permissions. It is very positive for you to be aware of what functions the applications are using on your device.

That way, it will be easier to identify the app that doesn’t have proper permission to perform functions and remove it, still avoiding potential damage to your privacy. In case of the insistence of the problems, it is interesting to look for a security company.

Don’t Click On Malicious Links

A malicious link can be the entry point for Stalkerware on your device. Therefore, be wary of links with an urgent message that suggests immediate actions to solve complex problems.

Review Your Apps

A device can have several applications, so it is straightforward for Stalkerware to go unnoticed. Therefore, analyze your list of installed applications, identify the ones that are not useful, and discard them.

In addition, you can use an antivirus to detect these malicious applications on your device and thus avoid significant inconvenience!

Remember to clean your cell phone every six or two months, depending on your needs, or even whenever you feel suspicious!

Finally, be sure to add even more knowledge by learning to differentiate two easily confusing concepts: Spyware and Stalkerware!

What Is The Difference Between Spyware And Stalkerware? 

After assimilating the concept of Stalkerware, it is expected that some doubts about its similarity with Spyware are frequent. So, understand the main differences between them:


Like Stalkerware, Spyware is also malicious software that invades privacy so that it has access to the victims’ data without their permission.

Given this, the main difference between Spyware and Stalkerware is that the former does not monitor the user in real time and has the intention of harming; therefore, a criminal practice.


As seen throughout this article, Stalkerware is illegal in some countries. Still, it may not be used for harmful purposes, and it is even legal in other countries and used by people with close emotional ties, such as parental control.

Despite this, real-time monitoring and access to personal data in an invasive way divides opinions about its validation as a beneficial or harmful practice for both parties.

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