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Accelerate Your Cloud Transformation

More than being a market trend, cloud transformation is necessary for companies of all sizes and sectors. Adopting these operating systems that run without taking up physical space at your headquarters brings many advantages.

According to a survey commissioned by Cisco and Intel, by 2020, 94% of companies will have a cloud solution. Cloud platforms can function as servers, repositories, databases, networks, software, etc.

In addition to being the most innovative option on the market, one of the main advantages of cloud transformation is the possibility of customization according to the needs of each company.

How To Accelerate Your Company’s Cloud Transformation

Currently, migrating applications to the cloud is no longer a matter of infrastructure or luxury. On the contrary, it is a necessity for companies. However, before transferring all the processes and even the most essential systems of the company to the cloud, planning, and strategy are necessary.

We have prepared a checklist for you to think about how to make this transition smooth and avoid unforeseen events. Check out:

1. Ensure The Involvement Of All Sectors

Before migrating ERP and all company processes in a hurry, just because that’s what all competitors are doing, ensure that all people in strategic sectors are committed to this change.

So start by listening to the needs of all sectors and communicating the reasons for the cloud transformation to optimize flows, storage, and results.

2. Evaluate Processes To The Fullest 

Take a step back and evaluate each step of the current process. Listen to people from all sectors, so the cloud transformation also comes with news that facilitates and improves practices.

Design this (use methodologies like Design Thinking if necessary) to make it easier to understand flows and collect all sorts of ideas that might be useful. Also, think about how things will work out in the transition and try to anticipate and minimize all kinds of potential problems.

3. Define The Service And The Best Provider For The Company 

Analyze the best cloud model (public, private, and hybrid) for your business to operate more efficiently. To do this, consider the needs and goals of the company, taking into account the options of SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Also, weight which is the best cloud provider.

4. Take A Step By Step 

Prepare a list that may include items such as:

  • People directly involved in the project and their responsibilities
  • What steps the cloud transformation will involve
  • KPIs: define deadlines, forms of control, testing, and monitoring

Amazon software architect and consultant suggests transformation governance and change management strategies. All this so that the adoption of the cloud and the transformation of the application portfolio, IT processes, and its lifecycle occur agilely, supported by DevOps. These practices allow the organization to maximize the return on investment of different technologies adopted by IT.

Benefits Of Cloud Transformation With Orchestration

Among the advantages of concentrating several cloud providers on a single platform are expanding capacity, performance, security and reducing costs with resources that are not used to their full potential.

With Cloud Hit, you can manage multiple cloud providers from the same platform, which you organize according to your business needs. Among the advantages of this form of cloud transformation are:

  • Agility: Configure a cloud computing environment in the same visual panel, even managing several settings in several projects.
  • Ease: The user-friendly interface and features such as Drag-and-Drop allow control by projects, scheduling, and load balancer policies.
  • Cost: Orchestration allows the comparison of project costs across multiple providers simultaneously, facilitating decision-making.

Mobile Application Development: Everything fits in our smartphone. After all, now mobile comes before desktops or any other big screen.

Other areas in which IT professionals are in high demand are Scientific Computing, Game Development, Animation, Software Testing, and  Data Science.

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