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Relationship And Advantages Of AI And Cloud Computing

Undoubtedly, some advantages of AI and cloud computing have transformed humanity, both in consumer relations and in their social and professional habits.  

Most people enjoy these technologies, either separately or integrated, without even realizing how much they influence their daily routines, whether professional, consumer, social or entertainment. 

For companies, the relationship between AI and CC results in competitive advantages that accelerate processes and procedures and place the business on the same level as the major players in the market, making them strategically competitive and technologically well structured. 

Do you know how the relationship between these technologies works? Do you understand the benefits of this union? Read on and find out! 

Artificial Intelligence And Cloud Computing: Understand The Relationship Between These Technologies 

Despite being in 2021, artificial intelligence is still a thing of the future for many people. We are more used to cloud computing; after all, every person who uses a smartphone is directly connected to the cloud, and many users already use synchronized applications and store data outside their devices.  

AI goes unnoticed, as it is highly used by IT teams providing analysis and behavior patterns, and, for the user, only the results of this technology are noticed.  

However, the relationship between artificial intelligence and cloud computing can evolve businesses in terms of productivity and efficiency.   

This technological upgrade, arising from the relationship between AI and CC, causes a true revolution in companies because it is possible to create a Smart Cloud linked with machine learning resources.  

Intelligent cloud, or, if you prefer, cloud AI, generally takes two forms: Cloud machine learning platforms and AI cloud services.  

This union further increases IT teams’ ability to explore the business’s potential, as it delivers a robust, well-refined, assertive and unlimited  (due to the cloud) database for professionals to treat and enjoy in a strategic manner.  

In addition, the relationship between artificial intelligence and cloud computing impacts business, as they allow the automatic identification and allocation of transactions, anomaly detection and the continuous development of predictive solutions.

How Can Cloud Compute Power Solutions Based On Artificial Intelligence And Vice Versa? 

We live in the post-digital transformation era, where immediacy is a common feature between companies and customers.  

Integrating artificial intelligence and cloud computing promotes the agile development of solutions ensuring the maintenance of process efficiency and minimizing the error rate, essential factors for fast and assertive deliveries, that is, what companies and customers are looking for.    

Integrating teams is another leverage of the union between artificial intelligence and cloud computing. For teams operating in  DevOps, CC enables information to be fully shared (managed according to the hierarchy of users on the network) of data between sectors, helping the teams work and facilitating the exchange of information. 

AI allows extensive data handling, and cloud computing maximizes information security; in this way, it is possible to deal with vast volumes of data in a programmed way to analyze them properly.  

In some cases, the integration allows all this to be done without human interference, allowing the IT professional to operate with the information “mined” and filtered according to the needs of each business. 

Another factor of great importance is the possibility of intelligent automation thanks to artificial intelligence.  

In this way, the use of the cloud is simplified, as automation by AI performs tasks through previously established predictive algorithms, making actions more specific and analytical.  

Thus, an intelligent cloud environment is created, and employees can work with more efficiency, productivity and digital security, both in terms of the information processed and the accuracy of the processes and procedures structured based on AI. 

As you can see,  the relationship between AI and CC can significantly benefit a company’s maintenance, longevity and ability to compete on equal terms with large corporations.  

However, this union is not something that can be done in a simplified way, let alone by teams not specialized in the subject.

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