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Application Development: Why Create Yours?

Application development is critical for companies to benefit from mobility capabilities. Discover the main reasons to create an app.

With a smartphone in hand, we can perform different tasks simplified, from organizing a shopping list to accessing a bank account. In the commercial sector, this mobility has increasingly improved the customer experience and expanded the reach of many businesses. This is only possible thanks to the creation of increasingly efficient and attractive applications.

A few years ago, creating applications was outside the realm of small and medium-sized companies, not least because many of them had not yet started a digital transformation in their processes. However, this has been changing over time; after all, with the support of technology partners such as zap Softworks, several organizations could create mobile digital solutions in a more accessible and agile way. 

Finally, created by software factories, the development of applications is no longer a bureaucratic and plastered project and has become a much more dynamic and innovative process. With its application, a company can guarantee another sales channel and have resources that make customers more and more engaged and satisfied.

We created this article to show you how it works in practice, with precious information for you to consider whether it is worth starting your application project.

Greater Proximity To Customers

According to the global mobile report, the Mobile Globe Report, users spend more time connected to the internet from mobile devices. The smartphone alone is used by 67% of the population, representing about two-thirds of the entire world. 

In general, mobile devices have been growing more and more because, with the help of applications, many tasks can be carried out more quickly and practically. As an example, instead of going to physical stores, many users prefer to make purchases or ask questions about products through apps. If your company has this sales channel available, the app likely created will be found by many new users.

Even though only a limited number of apps account for most of the total app consumption globally, that doesn’t change the fact that every user can switch from one app to another. In addition, many consumers are looking for facilities when buying or evaluating a product/service. Being present in this environment will keep you closer to the public and give your customer a more practical option to contact and solve problems.

A New Marketing Channel

Application development is also an excellent alternative for businesses to enjoy the benefits of digital transformation and consolidating brands in the market, being a perfect showcase to show the best of the company.

Since an app is always available for users to access, you can use this new channel to explore marketing strategies and attract more and more customers. It is possible, for example, to offer discounts for those who share the app with a friend or use the tool itself to highlight new products or services provided. Finally, you will have one more space to improve the customer’s relationship with your company and promote products/services.

Increase In Sales

As more and more consumers replace physical shopping with e-commerce, delivering a better customer shopping experience through an app can be pretty attractive.

Consumers can access different applications, consult prices, search for important information about products, and look for offers with a smartphone in hand. Even if a user enters the internet to buy from a competitor, he may also find your store’s app.

Anyway, an application is another sales channel that your company can explore. After all, in addition to communicating better with customers and making your business processes more agile, an app also has features that facilitate the entire purchase process and completely transform the customer experience.

Enjoy A More Comprehensive Range Of Resources

A smartphone has many features that can be used to improve the application’s usability. GPS, for example, can be used by a carrier to guide its employees and facilitate the shipment of goods.

Opportunity To Innovate

We all know that to remain competitive in the market, innovating and showing attractive and efficient differentials is necessary. In this sense, the development of applications for companies deserves attention. After all, an app can make your business stand out from the rest and make room for the integration of features that make you stand out more and more from your competitors.

Suppose the new consumer profile is looking for the best shopping or service experience. In that case, your business needs to be ready to serve them with practicality and flexibility, everything that an app can offer in the palm of its hands.

For example, suppose a restaurant allows customers to choose their meals, schedule appointments, and choose their tables through an app before leaving home. In that case, that establishment will likely come out ahead of the competition. This kind of innovation is also seen in cinemas, which allow customers to buy their tickets, choose seats and use discount coupons through a single solution.

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