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Seven Ways AI Is Changing Our Everyday Lives

You may have yet to notice, but numerous practical examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are in use today. AI is becoming so commonplace that many people use the technology and don’t realize it.

Have you ever had a conversation through an online chat tool about a product or to solve a problem? For know that there is a good chance that you have “chatted” with a chatbot created to generate answers to basic questions quickly.

Chatbots and virtual assistants are just two practical examples that have become common with Artificial Intelligence. Other examples include spam filters and self-driving cars.

In addition to these specific use cases, AI applications such as machine learning are increasingly being incorporated into applications that people use every day. This includes email, retail website recommendation engines, and video streaming services.

The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence’s power to process large amounts of data can accelerate decision-making in business, medicine, and other important moments, thus showing its ability to take on tasks and solutions.

With its great potential for use, Artificial Intelligence has demonstrated several benefits in different areas, from solving complex problems involving scientific calculations to efficiency gains and increased productivity. AI shows us that this technology has arrived to be definitive and cause incredible transformations. Its practical use has been seen in the following situations:

  • Activities that present a high volume of work;
  • Tasks with limited judgment required;
  • Functions with low cost of errors;
  • Repetitive work;
  • Assignments that follow an execution pattern.

The development of Artificial Intelligence shows its potential to fulfill more and more responsibilities in the coming years, mainly in everyday tasks that present some human risk or a continuous pattern of decisions.

The Practical Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

In a short time of reading, you must have already realized how much Artificial Intelligence can impact our lives; as it is, the expectation is that the technological advancement of AI will further expand its use and bring us more and more benefits.

For you to have an idea, we have listed seven ways Artificial Intelligence is changing our daily lives; follow below.

1 – AI In Healthcare Improves Treatment

There are several examples of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. They are experiences of improvements in patients’ lives thanks to something as simple as appointment reminders and access to medical records and even improvements in the efficiency of diagnoses and treatments. Discover some examples in health.

  • In the accurate diagnosis of cancer;
  • In the early detection of eye problems;
  • In drug development;
  • On the prognosis of patients in a coma;
  • Reading and interpreting CT scans;
  • In recognition of depression;
  • Assisting physicians in patient care.

2 – The Transformation Of Retail Through Customer Service

Customer service is very intensive, and retailers embrace Artificial Intelligence in customer support with chatbots to handle simple queries and help.

As a result, customers can now use online chat tools to order products, ask questions, solve problems, and file complaints.

3 – From Self-Driving Cars To Intelligent Maintenance

In addition to self-driving cars already in advanced testing, vehicle maintenance is also transforming Artificial Intelligence. Augmented reality (AR) reaches workshops to increase the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostics and repairs.

The mechanic sector feels the benefits. Experts can help technicians investigate and solve the problem using augmented reality devices associated with AI. In addition, cameras, sensors, and interactive kiosks showed full-size images of vehicles from all angles, helping potential buyers experiment with colors and other features to create a virtual car.

4 – Making Agriculture Smart

Driven by AI, agriculture is becoming more and more intelligent. Technology has helped farmers to farm more sustainably and efficiently, analyzing production and reducing risks considered critical during the production cycle.

Machine learning, for example, has helped detect problems in the field, run statistics, and assist with decisions around planting, harvesting, and product sales.

5 – Applying Facial Recognition In Different Segments

Facial recognition technology has expanded beyond the security sector and benefitted the retail, marketing, and healthcare sectors. Thanks to the convergence between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, fraud detection, theft prevention solutions, aesthetic treatments, and marketing actions have been used to meet the great demand of consumers in these segments.

A high-demand market is applied to facial recognition, thus providing excellent investment opportunities for companies that use Artificial Intelligence in such significant economic segments.

6 – Revolutionizing The Legal Sector

Artificial Intelligence has arrived to revolutionize the legal sector. High-level tasks like advising clients, negotiating agreements, and interpreting legal texts have been transformed thanks to the application of AI and Machine Learning.

The direct impact of the application of technology has been in the increase of productivity and legal efficiency in the results of legal matters involving document analysis, contract management, and other issues affecting the collection and analysis of data and information.

7 – Recruiting The Best Professionals

To finish off our list of AI use cases, be aware that the job search and interview process is not just a challenge for job seekers. Employers also need help finding suitable candidates for available jobs.

Artificial Intelligence in human resources is helping organizations identify the best candidates and streamlining the hiring process. With the help of AI, a company can easily filter candidates, calling the ones that best meet their needs and conducting more efficient interviews through accurate analysis of data provided through resumes.

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