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7 Major Advantages Of AI In Marketing Your Company

AI in Marketing: Two factors have challenged companies. On the one hand, the scarcity of resources is due to the global recession.

On the other hand, the abundance of data generated from the digital transformation. Creating conditions to reach the full potential of a business in this scenario is one of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. 

As we know, the current economic downturn did not result from a system problem, as in previous crises. An external factor causes this, the Coronavirus. 

That is, there was no imbalance or structural failure. Despite its internal tensions, the system itself was not sick to the point of breaking down. What happened was a major blockade due to the need to control the spread of the virus. 

This indicates that, with governments taking appropriate measures and correctly complying with the distance, companies will enjoy a favorable environment to resume growth more quickly. 

In this sense, policies must be rethought because the global economy will no longer be the same. And so, looking into the near future, companies are also reassessing their strategic plans.

Artificial Intelligence In Marketing And The Advantages For Your Business

It’s not about agreeing or not. This process is a fact of reality, already causing profound changes in how people and companies sell, buy and relate to each other.

Therefore, this article will deal with this new order, listing the 7 best advantages Artificial Intelligence can bring to your company’s Marketing.

1 – It’s The New Competitive Differential

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the global recession brought a scarcity of resources; at the same time, the digital transformation began to generate valuable market data. 

Artificial Intelligence is the perfect key to overcoming this challenge. This is because it manages to analyze raw data, track patterns, and mine precious and specific information for each business or consumer profile. 

Therefore, this technological promotion will align your company with the most modern and advanced Digital Marketing strategies, offering a significant competitive advantage in the resumption of economic activities in the post-Covid period. 

2 – You Reduce Costs

Could this huge amount of market data be processed manually? Unthinkable. The investment would be very high, making the entire strategy unfeasible. 

What’s more, Artificial Intelligence helps in reducing costs. It examines data and makes predictions, improving the targeting of Digital Marketing campaigns.

On top of that, it assists the entrepreneur in other strategies, optimizing the processes in the organization. These factors contribute directly to the growth of companies.

3 – You Increase Productivity

Failure is part of the human condition. Exhaustive manual processes or activities repeated over long periods increase the potential for error. 

Artificial intelligence tools can automate routine tasks and group your data in one place. With this, the team will waste less time with operational efforts and can focus on more relevant activities. The result is that there will be reduced risk, elimination of rework, and increased productivity. 

4 – Machines Learn And Improve Your Business

Machine Learning, or machine learning, is an integral part of Artificial Intelligence. The more they process data relating to your company, the more they generate relevant information, offer suggestions, and predict situations.

The knowledge acquired by the machine improves sales performance because it helps to make offers that are increasingly suited to customer profiles, which increases the likelihood of purchase.

There is also the possibility of the machine offering information that can redirect campaigns and the company’s entire strategy, putting it in the right direction based on consumer behavior. 

5 – You Improve Customer Relationship

The modernization of customer service processes has already arrived and will advance a lot. Interaction with machines tends to be more and more friendly.

Added to this is the automated monitoring of interactions in real-time on social networks – or at any point of contact. It allows you to respond to customer needs promptly. 

Artificial Intelligence manages the simplest and most repetitive demands, while human contact handles the most complex and higher value-added services. One thing complements the other. 

6 – You Leverage Internet Ads

Internet-paid campaigns using Machine Learning are more efficient than traditional campaigns. 

They can find potential customers more accurately and suggest improvements in the content offered to them. The goal is to reach consumers with the right profile for each offer exclusively. 

Campaigns are done quickly, optimization is automated, and monitoring has a friendly interface, simplifying management.   

7 – You Insert Your Company In The New Economy

The entry into the second decade of the 21st century is already marked in history with a turning point: the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

It is unknown how the economy will recover, which is going through the biggest recession since the Great Depression of 1929. However, it is undeniable that it will be strongly affected by the 4th Industrial Revolution, as we already mentioned in the introduction to this article.

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