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WhatsApp Business: Learn How To Take Advantage Of This

WhatsApp Business is the ideal marketing channel for small entrepreneurs to maintain a close relationship with their audience. In other words, having an in-app profile is the first step to putting your business on the path to success.

Instant text and voice messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, have conquered an ideal space in people’s routines, transforming all types of relationships, including commercial ones.

It is not by chance that this marketing channel has become part of the communication strategy of several companies, tiny ones since it does not require significant investments.

However, you must be aware of good marketing practices via WhatsApp to make your customers happy.

After All, What Is WhatsApp Business?

Aimed at the small business owner, WhatsApp Business is an application that “facilitates interaction with customers by providing tools to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.”

In this way, WhatsApp Corporate incentivizes these small businesses to adopt more agile means of communication with their customers, who prefer the practicality of this channel over the phone.

Okay, so far, I understand. But why should I know what WhatsApp Business is? To answer this question, let’s go to the numbers: currently, WhatsApp, created in 2009 and purchased by Facebook in 2014 for US$ 22 billion, has more than 1.5 billion active users per month.

Of all these users, around 60 billion messages are sent a day on the app. And that’s where your business should come in!

As the app is a great communication facilitator, you can exchange that idea with your leads, better known as potential consumers of your products or services.

Now that you know what WhatsApp Business is, let’s move on to the next topic. There we will talk about how WhatsApp Business works. Prepared? So let’s go!

Discover The Features Of WhatsApp Business

After knowing what WhatsApp Business is, a great time has come to get to know the features of WhatsApp Business.

We can cite four critical resources for a successful strategy that will quickly get you out of smallness and into greatness. They are:

Business Profile

WhatsApp Business classifies the business profile as a resource capable of “displaying important information such as a company’s address, email, and website.”

As this functionality is not available on WhatsApp Messenger, opting for the business version of the application helps you improve the segmentation of your leads and make your company look more corporate.

Thus, the user who receives the message will soon realize that he is talking to a business profile, as WhatsApp Business verifies that the account is linked to a brand, showing a green icon with the following words:

“You are talking to a business account. Tap for more information.” Therefore, fill in your details carefully to show your leads that you know how to use commercial WhatsApp and reinforce the credibility of your business.


Messages you send via WhatsApp Business arrive as fast as those on “normal” WhatsApp. In addition, you can use the application through a desktop on WhatsApp Web, making communication even more accessible.

Besides that, one of the most significant benefits of this feature is leaving an automatic message, which lets you say you can’t talk at the moment.

Just set the time, and you’re done.

Use Of Tags

Did you find that just communication gets easier? Then you thought wrong. WhatsApp Business also allows using tags, which means you can sort through the conversations you’ve already had.

By doing this, it is easier to do marketing via WhatsApp, as it is possible to categorize your users – “new customer,” “debt payer,” etc. – and create labels – “scheduled.” That way, you don’t get confused in the conversations and can provide more personalized service.


Finally, metrics are so important within digital marketing for measuring results and strategic planning of your future actions.

With WhatsApp Business, you can monitor the messages that have been viewed, delivered, and sent. After knowing all this, you are probably wondering: how do I do marketing via WhatsApp at the end of the day? This is the topic for the next topic. Follow me for the good ones!

How To Do Marketing via WhatsApp Business?

If, after this topic, you don’t leave the blog considering WhatsApp Business as one of the great allies of your business, then our work is not complete.

It’s a lot of pressure. Well then, see how to do marketing via WhatsApp Business to become a great entrepreneur now!

To facilitate understanding, we will use email as a comparative method. Through this means of communication, you can reach different people in a personalized way, which guarantees the autonomy of any brand.

And WhatsApp Business works almost the same way, focusing on quick, easy, and practical methods. Also, the opening rate of an email will depend a lot on several factors, such as the number of messages sent and whether or not it will fall into Spam, among others.

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