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What Is A Persona, And Why Is It Important?

You must have heard of persona, right? If your company wants to invest in content marketing, know that this step is critical to the success or failure of your digital strategy.

Despite the persona’s fundamental role, it is common for companies not to care so much about their creative process. This is often a serious market mistake and a good opportunity for brands that understand the relevance of well-built personas.

Suppose you often skip essential marketing planning steps such as analyzing the business landscape, building a persona, and studying keywords. In that case, your company will likely fail in content marketing.

After All, What Is A Persona?

The ideal customer for your business is represented in a semi-fictional character. Content marketing is strategic; it aims to reach the customer who fits your niche, focusing on their “pains.” That is the needs and desires of this consumer. To get good rates of return from your audience, you need to work with reality, with a set of real and objective information about the public that consumes your brand or that has the profile to finish it shortly. It is necessary to start deep research work with data collection, behaviors, and motivations of this potential customer.

The Difference Between Persona And Target Audience

As we have already mentioned, the persona is your ideal customer with pain, a problem in which your company’s product or service has the solution. Knowing the persona, its likes, characteristics, and objectives are necessary. The target audience is a much broader and much less clear concept. It is a general profile of active customers and potential customers. To define the target audience, demographic and socioeconomic data are collected from consumers, for example.

The Importance Of A Persona In Your Content Marketing Strategy

The main importance of a persona is its power of engagement. The goal is that its creation provides this relationship with the user. This is possible through producing content for social networks that talks to your persona. Thus, you can get leads and convert them in a qualified way. The customer must be the center of everything so that it is possible to win him over. For content to be successful, it needs to reach the right person.

The Persona Is The True Representation Of Who Will Consume Your Brand

What are the characteristics of your customers? The age group, gender, and social class? What subjects are they interested in daily? Are they present on social media? If yes, which one are they most present in? What are your biggest challenges and difficulties? Where do they work, and what positions do they hold? These answers will vary a lot, but it is possible to find real common denominators, and it is in this identification that your persona begins to draw.

There is no easy way. Research, analysis, and many studies need to be considered to formulate this character that exists and can be your ideal consumer. And that’s just part of the personal development process.

Collect, Ask, Analyze, Structure, And Exemplify

Qualitative and quantitative research methods, and online questionnaires, among other suggestions from a marketer, should punctuate the beginning of building a persona. In the questioning stage, there may be occasional variations depending on the segment of your company and area of ​​activity. Demographic, professional, and personal profiles are other paths to building a persona, considering purchase habits and engagement with social networks.

After the application of questionnaires and interviews, it is time for analysis to identify patterns in the answers that represent customers’ common characteristics, doubts, and pains. The structure is the key for the persona to gain a well-defined name, profile, and behaviors.

From there, she is trained to interact with the brand and buy. The more detail you integrate into the persona, the better. This considerably impacts the construction of texts and arts, as they will speak directly to your persona, building content with engagement.

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