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Twitter: 5 Alternative Apps To ‘Escape’ from Elon Musk

The list brings together five platforms with proposals similar to Twitter for those who want to abandon the app and replace it with another social network; check out.

Users dissatisfied with Twitter after businessman Elon Musk announced the purchase of the social network could resort to alternative applications if they want to abandon the platform. Apps like Mastodon, which also works in microblogging format, have been in evidence recently after the latest dealings between the billionaire and Twitter were announced. In addition, options like Tumblr and Reddit also bring significant similarities with Twitter, such as the ability to follow accounts and publish in different formats.

The following list gathered five apps available for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) for those who want to ‘escape’ from Elon Musk and replace Twitter with another social network. Here are the main changes that may happen in the bird’s social network under new management.


Mastodon is a social network that works in a microblog format like Twitter. However, the platform differs from the bird app because it is based on a system of communities in which users can create and host servers with their own rules of use.

Each community has a defined theme; to participate in one of them, it is enough to agree to the terms described by the moderator. Users can follow profiles, interact with posts and publish content with up to 500 characters, for example, within the servers. The platform has an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS).


Tumblr is a blogging platform that became very popular in the country in mid-2010. Today, the service has an application for Android and iPhone (iOS), and users can use the tool to follow other people’s tags and profiles, share content in different formats, repost third-party publications, interact with posts and chat with friends via private chat.

One of Tumblr’s differentials is the platform’s customization possibilities, creating a highly personalized space. Users can modify headers, change colors, edit fonts, titles and more. Although not as widespread a service today as it was a few years ago, Tumblr can also be an app option for those looking to ditch Twitter.


Reddit is a forum-based platform where users can discuss various subjects. When using the app for the first time, you can choose some topics of interest and participate in communities. Posts must be made directly on these forums. There, users can distribute positive and negative votes for the content – if the impact is primarily positive, Reddit distributes it to others, increasing the publication’s reach.

Through the app, it is also possible to follow users and initiate conversations in private chats, but the main focus of the service is on the interactions of posts in the forums. Reddit has an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS), but it’s only available in English – which can be a problem for those who need to be fluent in the language.


Plurk is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) and brings a microblog proposal similar to Twitter. Through the app, users can explore other users’ posts in the magnifying glass, and if the content pleases, it is possible to add or follow the post’s author. The platform’s differential is that it allows users to make posts anonymously, which can be a positive point for those who care about privacy.

In addition, it is possible to publish content in photo, video, and text formats and add poll formats on the platform. To create an account on the service, enter a username and provide an email address and password. Using the app is intuitive; however, as it is a Taiwanese platform, most of the content shared on the social network is Asian-centric, with a few written in English.


Amino has an app available for Android and iPhone (iOS), offering a slightly different proposal from the previous options. Despite being a community-based platform, the service also explores a lot of content in video format, including lives. In the home page menu, in the “Discover” tab, users can check out popular videos on the platform and just below, they can access the communities. Like the Mastodon servers, the Amino forums also have their rules, which the moderators define.

After entering a community, the user can publish a quiz, question, poll or blog, for example, and can also start chats with group participants. To follow a user, click on the contact’s photo and tap “Follow”.

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