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Trello Alternatives To Organize Tasks And People

Trello Alternatives: Trello is an excellent tool for organizing tasks and teams, which is available for several platforms: web,  iOS and Android.

Even so, there are alternatives that work similarly and can make your work rhythm even more varied and dynamic by presenting features and details that do not exist in the competitor. Find out the best tools similar to Trello and their advantages — try the options and leave your opinion in the comments.

1. Asana

Trello’s most famous competitor, Asana, is widely used by those looking to organize their tasks and teams. Before, it presented individual lessons in lists and groups, but recently it inaugurated the “boards” function, which brought it closer to the competitor.

Asana’s so-called “dashboard” allows you to work cleanly and always fluidly. While more complex than Trello, Asana is easy to learn with notifications and tutorials.


JIRA is a task organizer from the same company that recently bought Trello, Atlassian. The app is very similar in many ways, despite offering a simpler look.

The user can create boards, add members to cards, and plan and pull reports of what was done in the period he wants to configure. It has an app for Android but not for iOS.

3. Wunderlist

One of the most praised apps of recent years, Wunderlist is another heavyweight competitor to Trello. With versions for the web, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle, Apple Watch, macOS or Android, Wunderlist is a dynamic and practical to-do list for any platform.

As with similar ones, it is possible to organize tasks into lists, assign people and receive notifications about any changes or new information entered into its robust system. As a differential, Wunderlist allows the use of hashtags to create lists, in addition to actions via email.

4. Todo-List

Todo-list has versions for several platforms, including web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and exclusive functions to use with your email.

You can modify frames and information offline, which syncs as soon as you are connected again. According to the platform, the simple design favors few distractions and focuses on productivity.

5. Weeks

Todo book is an extension for Chrome that works in conjunction with Facebook. It replaces the social network timeline with a list of tasks, with marks for the user to complete.

The negative point is that it is only possible to count on a group of friends for the tasks and even set a time. It is best suited for those working alone and with simple daily tasks. The extension is lightweight and fast and leaves no room for distractions. Ideal for those who want something simple.

6. Breeze

Breeze is another alternative that tries to distance itself. It offers a calendar, full email integration, a timer, reports, full task analysis, and other tools that Trello doesn’t have.

Its look follows the simple and clean style, with a clear appearance and few graphic details, focusing only on the organization and direct assignment of tasks in a workgroup or even alone.

7. Evernote

Evernote is well known by those who already work with text, and although it is not the same as Trello, it offers good tools for the user to organize himself and work in a team.

It is possible to create private or shared notebooks, designates people for collaborative editing, form groups with several laptops and other settings for paid or free users. The powerful notebook is open on the web, Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

8. Bright pod

Bright pod is another task organizer that follows the “clean and functional” design line. You can organize tasks in a grid, list or board like in Trello. As a differential, Brightpod has a very customizable interface according to the user’s taste.

9. Office 365 Planner

Office 365 Planner is Microsoft’s official organizer, aimed at those who use Microsoft Office 365 as their main work tool – due to its direct connection with the programs.

It works within Microsoft Office 365, a cloud of tasks that can be shared with other users. Works across multiple devices, wherever Microsoft Office is.

10. Kanban Flow

Kanban flow is another task organizer available on the web that uses lists and cards for tasks. Its look is very colorful, friendly, and customizable in the right measure for all tastes.

Kanban Flow remembers exactly what its name says, the “Kanban” technique, which originated in colored papers pasted on the wall, and which is also followed by all the other alternatives above.

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