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Can A Collaborative System Help My Company?

The first step to knowing how a collaborative system can contribute to a company’s growth is understanding its concept. It goes beyond being a tool where more than one person can work on a task.

With the popularity of remote work and the home office, it has become even easier to work wherever and whenever you want. But to manage projects with maximum efficiency, you need to have the ideal solutions. Collaboration tools emerge to simplify teamwork, increasing productivity.

Collaborative also comes from the idea of ​​sharing: help, knowledge, shared goals and, of course, the goal of contributing. Putting all these principles together, collaborative tools and all the potential to help companies and people arose.

Collaborative System – A Quick Story

Historically, the objective of creating collaborative systems arose from a need for two technology professionals working on the same project in different places and times and integrated with other collaborators.

New tools and uses emerged from this idea, and today we can develop a single work with several hands. Consequently, the companies obtained good results when they verified that, in addition to having productive gains, they also started to have more integrated and collaborative employees.

In short, a collaborative system integrates several people to achieve work, tasks and goals efficiently. The benefits are diverse for companies, as we will see below.

Can A Collaborative System Help My Company?

Certainly! When well applied, with the use of a workflow, with the help of specific and well-trained teams. Tasks can be performed efficiently and with excellent results.

The first benefits are the sharing of ideas and talent. The collaborative system also strongly influences the company’s organizational culture, increasing personal productivity. Many other strengths and limitations are attached to the concept of collaboration, but our focus will be on collaboration tools.

The Benefits Of Collaborative Systems

Using a collaborative system and its tools presents several benefits to an organization.

Allows Efficient Communication

In internal communication, the collaborative system allows the sharing of challenges and solutions among employees, contributes to employees’ integration, and encourages communication and productivity. A good example is corporate messaging tools.

Another excellent example of collaboration still related to internal communication is the news system. This tool seeks to share articles, news and matters that interest the company and its employees. It is a way to encourage employee interaction through comments and the publication of opinions and ideas related to the topic.

Facilitates The Sharing Of Standards And Documents

Within the organizational scope, collaborative systems allow rules and documents that are part of the company’s processes and policies to be distributed efficiently and securely.

One of the famous examples of tools is the companies’ wikis, used as a source of consultation from the business’s mission and values to manuals and documents. In addition to being shared, the information is updated in a facilitated process.

Another example is the well-known virtual disks of documents, a little different from the wiki. In the case of disks, employees have access to files in various formats that can be used as a source of consultation or even accessed during their preparation or updating.

Helps In Efficient Task Management

Project management brings the challenge of managing a large set of tasks and commitments. In this sense, collaborative tools allow the management of teams, their responsibilities and deadlines and help identify bottlenecks and visualize results.

Tools that use the collaborative system with fantastic results are online Kanban and the calendar and appointment system. These are resources integrated into online and secure platforms.

Collaborative systems, in addition to helping companies and employees, also enhance results and contribute to the production process. They can be used in different company strategies and applied in different segments.

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