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Tips For Increasing Cybersecurity In Companies

Although the alerting and blocking tools are very efficient, if you understand what cybersecurity is, you realize that it is essential to have a high level of prevention against incidents.

This is because the damage caused by previous failures is often irreparable, even with adequate protection.

Therefore, the first step to implementing an effective system for protecting data and applications is the training and awareness of employees.

Next, implementing functional IT service management makes the business more responsive.

Bear in mind that, with proper preparation and control, it becomes much simpler to identify and correct breaches before they occur.

Moreover, there is no point in knowing how to act against incidents without having tools that provide this response.

Corporate Solutions For Cybersecurity

Corporate cybersecurity solutions are sets of technologies offered in a personalized way to the company. Thus, it is possible to combine them, constantly identifying new needs that allow greater security.

As attacks constantly change, having enterprise solutions also makes it easier for organizations to update tools.

In this way, even with new invasion techniques, the organization remains armored and constantly innovates in its security. Do you want to know the leading security solutions? We’ve listed a few below:

SOC – Incident Monitoring And Response

SOC, or Security Operation Center, is a centralization of security tools capable of monitoring the entire IT structure.

This way, when a threat is detected, the system can catalog it and quickly show it to the person in charge, making it easier to identify failures.

Over time, this system can more precisely monitor suspicious activities and promote pre-defined protection actions.

It is also possible to conduct internal tests on the company’s systems to check whether a third party would access the data using the same methods.

This expands the system’s intelligence potential and facilitates the identification of improvements.

Vulnerability Analysis

Constantly monitoring accesses and activities on IT systems makes it possible to identify precisely where security breaches are coming from.

Thus, correcting failures and acting with employees according to the losses they commit in security activities becomes more accessible.

For example, a vulnerability analysis system can identify which devices send information to other users.

In addition, it is possible to evaluate and understand whether or not the users who receive data are reliable. This technology prevents phishing and malware attacks, as they are often intrusions caused by users.

Security Event Correlation

The event correlation system can work with the SOC to identify and prevent threats. However, the main difference is in developing reports that are much more focused on demonstrating failures based on data.

With access to different sources and associations of improper activities, this tool performs more precisely when identifying threats. Consequently, the system’s chances of falsely identifying an attack are much lower.

On the other hand, technology can detect recurring threats and continually prepare to act preventively in the face of them.

Having understood cybersecurity and its tools, where can you start implementing it in the company? The first step is to seek a technological set that aligns with the organization’s needs.

For example, stores in e-commerce formats are much more susceptible to SQL injection attacks precisely because of their way of acting.

Meanwhile, companies in less digitized sectors can suffer from phishing attacks due to a lack of professional training.

This is why having a specialist in technological implementations can contribute to specific progress for the business.

Conclusion: Security And Modernization

There are only ways to go through digitization and modernization with adequate protection in the organization.

This is because, just as data represents a lot of value for organizational decisions, it also attracts the eyes of criminals who can access it.

Thus, the employee can have much more control and firmness in handling data by understanding cybersecurity and implementing the technologies necessary for its operation.

In addition, companies can prevent reputational damage by leaking customer information. The analytical functionalities of the current systems can be the key to the agile growth of the business. Still, the guarantee of protection of this information will keep the organization well-positioned in the market.

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