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The First Steps In WhatsApp For Business

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are applications of great importance for contemporary companies. Still, many things could be improved; therefore, we have prepared this post.

They even look like the traditional version, the one famous among ordinary consumers. However, they bring extra functions capable of improving communication and customer service.

So, if you want to strengthen your commercial presence and generate more business opportunities, you need to know these resources better. For that, how about we talk more about them?

Please continue reading to learn about its differentials and stay on top of this application’s best practices that have already conquered millions of users worldwide!

WhatsApp For Business

Know immediately that the Business version of the application, like the traditional one, is free. It is available for Android and iOS and easily accessible from the computer through WhatsApp Web.

You can use the same smartphone to install the Business and traditional applications. But you can’t use the same phone number when creating accounts in both apps.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy both applications on the same device, you will need a dual sim (2 SIM) device. Otherwise, have two smartphones: one for each account!

Another initial detail: if your company already has the traditional version, WhatsApp can back up conversations in the Business version — the opposite does not happen.

Thus, the recommendation is to copy the traditional WhatsApp backup to the computer before working with the business version. This basic care prevents the loss of important information gathered in previous contacts.

Business WhatsApp Differentials

In the business version of the app, you can create a business profile for your company and include the  most important contact information, such as:

  • address;
  • opening hours;
  • site;
  • email ;
  • company description.

In addition, it also manages to save quick messages, that is, models of responses that are used frequently, to speed up communication with your customers.

Another novelty in the Business version is the ability to search for conversations using filters, such as broadcast lists, groups, and unread conversations. This makes it easier to control the flow of messages and avoid losing customers due to forgetting to guarantee the expected responses.

The WhatsApp Business API

Do you already know about WhatsApp Business API or WhatsApp Business Solution? It has been on the market since 2018 and was created to be a communication solution aimed especially at medium and large companies.

Therefore, it came after WhatsApp Business and its main objective is to be a service that helps your business achieve scalable, fast, and quality service through a business account.

We are talking about a system that allows third parties to access WhatsApp Business features and functionality — other apps and services, for example. Thus, the service is easily integrated via WhatsApp with online service platforms.

In summary, it should simplify the day-to-day activities of businesses with a large contact base. With a considerable volume of customers, the resource is a great ally, as it supports sending thousands of messages daily with prompt and quick responses.

WhatsApp Business API Differentials

After all, how does the WhatsApp Business API differ from the other version for companies? One of its main highlights is integrating with other systems, such as service platforms, CRM, and marketing automation systems.

But this is just one of its differentials. Check out some more reasons to invest in this solution below!


The WhatsApp Business API also has a very useful function for companies that need to scale their customer service: chatbots.

This tool draws attention, as it streamlines communication and reduces the consumer’s waiting time for a response. In addition, they help capture future leads and expand business results.

Ready Messages

Another interesting feature is the prompt messages. That way, the text is triggered automatically and instantly whenever the customer contacts the company.

This quick response improves the customer experience, provides essential information such as service hours, answers common questions, and enhances the feeling of good service. After all, he realizes the company is concerned with providing fast and effective service.

Distribution Of Contacts Among Several Operators

The API is a WhatsApp service designed for any company that wants to expand its service through the application. Among the differentials contributing to this, we can mention the distribution of contacts among several operators through a single telephone number.

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