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Cybersecurity: Everything You Need To Know For Your Business!

Cybersecurity: There were major attacks and hijacking of information — the famous and not very friendly Ransomware — in companies and institutions in 74 countries.

If this were not enough reason, the entry into force of the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LGPD) made the situation even more critical. Want to understand better what information technology security is and how innovation can help drive results? Check out this article and learn everything you need to do well!

What Is Cybersecurity?

The concept protects programs and information on networks, computer systems, and mobile devices from intrusions, hackers, and viruses. Technological resources and software are used to detect and block any malicious action quickly.

Far beyond the risk of data exposure or theft, the threats will be increasingly closer to production systems, as cloud computing and the arrival of 5G technology have driven digital transformation in industries.

Why Is Investing In Innovation Important For Cybersecurity?

Information hijacking or data loss can cost a company dearly. The more precarious the cyber security or, the longer the response time to the attack, the greater the damage.

The innovation provided to the segment with the use of automation and resources of artificial intelligence or machine learning allows the analysis of data in real-time and reduces the response time to a violation of the system. In absolute numbers, this can represent cost savings or financial losses in the millions of dollars. You can’t play with something serious like that.

In addition to investing in state-of-the-art technology, it is necessary to have a team prepared and dedicated to the issue. Frequent tests and simulations are required to ensure immediate action at any sign of trouble. Our solutions help unite these two ends of the system.

You might be wondering about the value of cybersecurity investments. The losses generated by violations or the delay in blocking the invasion are much higher than the prevention costs. A company that is prepared and attentive to face a possible problem will have a relevant ROI in cyber security.

What Is The Relationship Between Cybersecurity And The LGPD?

The more time we spend connected and using technology — which goes far beyond computers and mobile devices —the more our personal or company data circulates around. They are registrations, applications, games, work platforms, etc. Big Data does not stop growing, a full plate for the cybernetic miscreants on duty.

The LGPD regulates how this information is treated, requiring companies to be transparent about how it is collected from customers and stored. In short, prior authorization is required to collect, transfer or store them.

How Does Information Security Improve The Customer Experience?

Protecting stored information, in addition to being mandatory, as you’ve just realized, is the best way to minimize the risk of damage to the business’s image, preventing leaks of industrial secrets and even financial fraud. But that’s not all: cyber security also impacts the customer experience. Check out!

Respect For Privacy

No one would like to discover their information, whether on an e-commerce site or a dating app, has been exposed. Any system must ensure confidentiality and data protection. This also helps to strengthen your business image and establish a bond of trust with the customer.

Threat Protection

Technology changes constantly, so it is necessary to adapt to them agilely. In addition to ensuring that no information is misused, the company must ensure that the customer is protected when accessing its system.

Online Presence

A cybersecurity model that combines navigation, storage, and processing in a single system facilitates the customer experience while using your company’s website or app.

The concept is known as hyper-convergence and becomes even more interesting when using a multi-cloud strategy, which ensures that information about purchases, transactions, or product returns is well stored, updated, and easily accessible.

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