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The Benefits Of Applying RPA And AI

When Integrating RPA And AI, The Benefits Go Beyond Cost Reduction And Begin To Improve The Integration And Communication Between The Company’s Systems.

RPA and AI are new trends for developing process automation tools. With the evolution of artificial intelligence applications, the boundaries for its use have become increasingly nonexistent, and digital transformation benefits enormously from the application of different technologies in an integrated way.

RPA is the acronym for Robotic Process Automation and is revolutionizing the development of intelligent systems and automation of repetitive tasks through software robots. It is already considered a viable reality for companies, mainly due to its gains in performance and efficiency in processes that can be automated with a trim level of effort.

RPA alone already demonstrates significant gains, and it’s time to learn more about the benefits of applying RPA and AI in your business!

The Evolution And Integration Of RPA And AI

A suitable RPA aims to automate a simple or complex process, as long as it is repetitive and impacts employees’ lives – allowing the transition to more strategic performance. A robot will perform a specific task to simulate a user’s interaction with a particular system.

An excellent example of applying an RPA is in the digitization of processes, especially those still considered analog, and negatively impact companies’ transition to digital transformation. This analog system, which still depends on humans’ manual insertion of data on screens, can and should be automated through an RPA, with robots integrating with the various other systems of the company.

Another excellent example of the development of intelligent solutions is Deal’s innovation laboratory, the CoLab. A company with a dedicated research area for the benefits of AI and its integration can multiply its systems’ capabilities, including the integration between RPA and AI – as happened with Deal – promoting great results for all other systems in the company.

The Integration Between RPA And AI

The excellent trend for the evolution of a suitable RPA is to integrate layers of artificial intelligence, provide learning means and methods, and understand specific contexts in business systems. This evolution towards the so-called cognitive algorithms involves learning and imitating human judgment for decision-making.

Inserting artificial intelligence satisfactorily into company processes is a task that depends significantly on the current state of the company’s digital transformation. Integration between RPA and AI is a great way to improve the application of artificial intelligence and achieve intelligent process automation.

The Benefits Of Integrating RPA And AI

RPA alone can already bring about a series of benefits for companies, such as reduced personnel costs and reduced human errors caused by the execution of repetitive tasks. A good RPA robot will perform this task with a meager error rate, promoting better reliability in the company’s automated systems.

In addition to reducing costs, RPA alone can deliver more agility when performing tasks in an automated way and is more agile than custom system development. By integrating RPA and AI, in addition to all the benefits, you gain more with the intelligence and independence of the system in general, knowing how to adapt to new scenarios and formats for executing processes.

AI And Analytics Application

By applying AI and Analytics concepts to the execution of RPA, the solution gains more benefits through automatic machine learning and includes more general intelligence in the business. A good example is when a minor update on a WEB page is responsible for informing some data that must be entered into another company system.

This WEB page could have been automated through a suitable RPA. When this change occurs, the artificial intelligence algorithms present in the robot can identify the new fields that contain the necessary information, adjusting its search and the execution of its task without the need for new programming.

In addition to promoting constant learning, applying AI and Analytics with RPA also ensures a long-term view of the business – one of Deal’s competitive advantages. By promoting transformation services and digital strategy, Deal manages to be the ideal partner to promote value deliveries and ensure that the technology applied through the integration between RPA and AI results in the best results for the company.

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