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Store Catalog Can Be Inserted Into WhatsApp Business

Since its launch, the potential of the WhatsApp Business marketplace has not ceased to amaze small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to the existing features, the promise until the end of 2019 is that it will be possible to make a catalog available directly in the application. And still, making the payment there is a practical, fast and safe way.

Knowing how to explore the commercial profile effectively is a differential. It is essential to give up informality as an individual to accompany each change. The novelty of having a catalog for customers within all the practicality of WhatsApp is exciting. Still, before diving into the new tool, it is worth exploring the existing resources to the fullest:

  • Commercial profile with the primary information about the company. This guarantees credibility about the data that the customer accesses, such as opening hours and physical address;
  • Unlike spam, bot implementation allows the configuration of messages directed to each type of need. For example, a welcome or a simple notice of absence;
  • Reports that work as allies in strategies by indicating who read or clicked on any sent link, for example.

What Do We Know About The Tool?

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, millions of small businesses have used WhatsApp to communicate with customers. Thus, the idea was to create a simple and easy way to make products and services available to social network users.

From the novelty, the customer will not need to go to a store. But the revolution does not stop there. With the possibility of uploading a catalog directly to the application, the business will not even need to have a website to sell.

There is still no information on how to create the catalog or a step-by-step explanation of each functionality of this new tool. Even though there is only the beta version in the testing phase in India, the idea is that much news will be shared still in 2019 and that other countries can get to know this new way of doing business up close.

Advantages Of The Catalog On WhatsApp Business

The tool has not yet been released. However, it is expected to boost sales and guarantee profitable returns for user companies. The second indication is that many businesses already sell small and medium-sized companies through the application. Therefore, having a tool that facilitates this purchase will be less manual and more professional, which will reduce the payment method without directing it to a second screen.

WhatsApp has surpassed Facebook Messenger in the number of users. According to the Mobile Time Portal report, the app is accessed by 89% of smartphone users. Connecting with the client in a tool that he is already familiar with is more convenient and practical.

Tip To Take Advantage Of WhatsApp Business

The application brings so many possibilities for small and medium-sized companies to access even more customers without risking significant investments. Taking care of so closely what a shopping experience is the most significant differential of this service. Therefore, formalize this selling method using a cell phone that will have customer service as its primary objective.

While the product catalog is not released on WhatsApp, it is worth strengthening even more relationships with customers and developing the best strategies to promote this new tool that is already long-awaited.

The business world is constantly changing, and keeping informed is the most practical way to keep up with these changes. WhatsApp Business is proof of that. It was launched in 2018 and promised to revolutionize the corporate universe further.

So now we have to stay tuned and wait for all those promises that Mark Zuckerberg loves to keep. In other words, a technological revolution is never too much when it is based on the expansion of new entrepreneurs.

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