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Social Networks: Their Importance In Marketing Strategy?

The power of the internet these days is undeniable – and one of the precursors in this regard, without a doubt, was social networks.

In addition to changing how we relate and interact with people, they also gave “face” and “voice” to consumers, who began to demand a different positioning from the brands they interact with.

Despite all this evolution and the surprising numbers in the sector, not all entrepreneurs have yet realized the power of social networks – nor how much they can help with their digital marketing strategies. If this is your case, continue reading and discover how investing in social media can help your business become much stronger and more profitable.

Why Invest In Social Networks?

First, you must understand why you should invest in social media. Unfortunately, many managers still believe that social media are incapable of generating accurate results – and this is mainly due to inefficient digital marketing strategies.

As we said, the world and society are constantly changing. If in the past consumers only passively received advertisements in traditional media, today they have an active voice, researching the best brands and solutions to their problems and also commenting on their experiences with businesses.

How often have we come across a positive or negative comment from a particular consumer that could make us change our idea of a specific company or even decide whether or not to close the deal?

This is precisely why having a solid marketing strategy on social media is so important. Your company needs to be in the same place as your customers, speaking the same language as them and, of course, knowing how to interact appropriately, solve problems quickly, offer information and monitor what is said about your business.

But not only that. Social networks can also be great sales channels, helping to publicize promotions and even news about your business. Due to their high possibility of metrification, these networks can be necessary and more affordable digital marketing tools.

How Do You Do Marketing On Social Media?

Now that you are convinced that investing in social media is a great way to promote your brand and generate more sales, you must check out some tips to ensure you will get a return on your investment.

Choose The Best Networks

Having a solid social media marketing strategy means being present only on some existing platforms but also those that make sense for your business.

Therefore, it is worth investing in quick research into which social media your customers use most and creating a more robust and more aggressive strategy for them. Although Facebook is the most used network, it doesn’t always have to be the only one. LinkedIn, for example, is an essential alternative for B2B companies, and Instagram has also grown in several segments, such as fashion, food and beauty care.

Find The Most Suitable Formats

Deciding where to speak is essential, but you must know how to say to attract your audience’s attention and engagement. Again, knowing who you want to attract is vital because only then will you think about the types of content that bring the most results.

Remember that you can create various post types, such as videos, images, tutorials, quick tips and even external links from your website or blog. Always consider the publications that have the most significant engagement with your audience and invest in that language.

Use The 80-20 Rule

A fatal mistake many companies make on social media is just creating content about themselves. Remember that people who like your page not only want to know about your brand’s unique features, but they also want posts that add value.

Therefore, use the rule of 80% of publications focused on general tips and your sector and 20% on promotions, products and differentiators of your business. This way, you can communicate better with your audience, create engagement with your publications and even “get your message across”.

Be Aware Of Vanity Metrics

How do you know if social media marketing strategies are bringing results? Many are just based on isolated metrics, such as the number of likes on the page or a particular post – but generally, this data is not efficient in showing whether your strategy has been efficient, which is why they are called vanity metrics.

There’s no point in having more than 1,000 new likes on your page if these people don’t form your target audience or don’t buy from you, just as likes on an isolated post only say something if they convert into some action within your strategy.

Focus on engagement metrics that show how much people have taken specific actions in favour of your brand, such as sharing your business with more people, recommending your products, interacting with your content or even participating in particular promotions and doing specific registrations on your website, for example.

Know What You Want

For any marketing strategy to work, it is essential to outline your objectives very well, and this is no different with social media. So, think about how they can help you achieve specific goals, such as selling more, increasing traffic to your website, spreading your brand, strengthening your branding and so on.

For each of these objectives, a different strategy can be considered, uniting all your communication platforms. Suppose you want to sell more of a particular product, for example. In that case, you can create an integrated promotion in which your followers must access a landing page and register, in addition to sharing a particular post using a specific hashtag.

Combining social media with other digital marketing strategies you already have can help you achieve much more promising results, such as:

  • increasing traffic to your website, blog or e-commerce;
  • increasing your brand’s penetration;
  • strengthening its authority;
  • improving your SEO;
  • engaging people to your business or your “cause”;
  • creating a base of followers and fans for your company;
  • helping with specific promotions;
  • increasing your sales;
  • enabling to capture qualified leads;
  • answering your customers’ questions and functioning as a SAC 3.0;
  • keeping up with trends in your sector;
  • monitoring possible brand crises and anticipating problems.

As you can see, social networks are critical in any marketing strategy. Still, for them to be truly effective, you need to have a more strategic view of their use, focusing on the needs of your target audience and integrating your actions.

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