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Integration via API, What Is It?

Technological advancement and the digital era have significantly changed the business sector. With integration via API, for example, it is possible to automate many processes, optimizing the use of data and reducing costs. 

Next, we will explain how this system works and all the benefits it offers for your business. Good reading!

What Is API Integration?

The acronym API is the abbreviation for Application Programming Interface, which, means Application Programming Interface.

In other words, it is a set of applications that allows the construction of an intelligent interface, configuring a means of communication between two systems. 

This interface allows connections between the resources necessary for the excellent performance of the software. In other words, APIs mediate communication between the two systems. 

It is through integration via API that data is exchanged, allowing the automation of pre-defined tasks. Thus, when system information is obtained, another action is initiated automatically.

In general, integration is used so that applications linked via the internet can talk to each other without the need for human intervention.

Benefits Of Integration via API

With the advancement of technologies, APIs have facilitated various work routines within companies. This is because it provides more efficiency, accelerating business growth. Below, we list some benefits. Check out!

Ease Of Integration 

Ease of integration is among the main advantages of APIs. With defined standards, developers find it easy to integrate code. 

Therefore, it is an entirely accessible system to integrate any technology you use in your company. 

Process Automation 

Working with APIs is also a great way to reduce manual activities. This is because many demands are now automated, helping to save time when dealing with technology. 

Innovation For Your Company 

Automating some demands is one of the most significant innovations for companies in the digital era. Therefore, when you invest in these technologies, your business gains prominence in the market. 

With integration via API, you can improve the operation of different processes in the organization. As a consequence, service efficiency increases, speeding up the development of your business.

Improved Communication 

A key factor in integration via API is communication, as the system works by receiving and transmitting a company’s data. 

Therefore, this facilitates communication between sectors, improving the use of all data circulating in the company. 

Other benefits are notable in the day-to-day activities of companies. Among them are the reduction of operational expenses in the IT area and the practicality of managing various processes.

Furthermore, another advantage that must be considered when implementing a system is increased customer loyalty. 

This is because a connection via API allows companies to customize systems to please each type of consumer. This way, it is possible to increase loyalty and productivity in the company.

Discover Some Types Of APIs

In total, four types of APIs can be used in applications: public or open, private or internal, partner, and composite APIs. 

The choice will depend on the specific needs of each business. In other words, the intended use of integration via API. To better understand, let’s explain each type.

Public or Open API

Any company or developer can use a public API. In other words, it is not for the exclusive use of the company responsible for development. 

In general, public APIs can be free or sold with the option to purchase or limit usage. As examples, we can mention Google Drive and Google Maps.

Internal or Private API

Unlike public APIs, private integrations are for the exclusive use of the organizations for which they were developed. This interface gives access to the company’s internal systems and data. Therefore, it can only be accessed by the developers themselves. 

This type of API is most used in corporate environments, and its function is to integrate internal systems or different sectors. Furthermore, it can also optimize internal communication, build new systems and increase productivity. 

Partner API

In this case, they are only available to selected and authorized external developers or consumers. They are generally used for B2B businesses.

The Partner API incorporates robust authentication, authorization and security mechanisms. Therefore, partners have rights and licenses to access it. 

It is common for companies to refrain from monetizing partner APIs, as they are paid for specific services and not just for using the API.

Composite API

This type of API combines two or more APIs to create a sequence of related or interdependent operations.

In these cases, they are beneficial for dealing with complex or closely related API behaviours. They can also be used to improve speed or performance against individual APIs. 

Why Invest In An Integration System via API?

Many companies adopt integration via API in their businesses to gain efficiency and agility in tasks that may no longer be manual. This is the new reality for many companies. 

Through integration via API, several functions can be automated. For example, they are issuing invoices, marketing automation, and logistics issues, among others. 

By integrating different systems, these tools guarantee a greater degree of efficiency. This is because they automate bureaucratic activities that would take a long time to complete manually.

In addition to optimizing processes, integration also reduces the company’s costs in the short term. Therefore, more and more companies have opted for this strategy to make the best use of data.

Therefore, using API integration is a good strategy, even more so if the company can count on a good platform, like Zendesk, for example. 

The CRM and open API platform allows you to connect your customers’ data with the entire company through APIs. This way, it facilitates all communication within the company.

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