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What Is Engagement And How To Boost Your Social Networks

Engagement has become the keyword in Digital Marketing in recent years; with it, brands have discovered that sales alone do not always indicate success. Follow the content and learn how to enhance consumer engagement with your business.

It is common to search for a brand on social media before making a purchase; this habit has shaped a company’s sales approaches and its entire relationship with customers. 

Now, it is more than fundamental that a business builds a close and lasting relationship with its consumers. This is because people no longer see products or services as just something to consume; the experience has become an object of desire. 

However, this connection goes far beyond responding to comments and reposting Stories; authentic engagement happens when there is a sincere and direct dialogue between the brand and the customer.

What Is Engagement?

In the literal sense, engagement means active participation in political and social relevance matters. In other words, a direct involvement of people in intellectual manifestations or practical activities. 

In addition to this definition, engagement also gained meaning in Digital Marketing, especially when discussing social networks. 

In marketing, engagement manifests the relationship between a brand and its audience. In practical terms, it is a person’s action involving a company, whether through comments, likes, promotion to their social cycle and much more. 

According to Comscore, Brazil is the 3rd country that uses social networks the most globally, with over 131,506 active accounts. Furthermore, the time these people spend online is increasing.

This means that consumers are now on the web. Therefore, companies need to adapt to this habit and consider these spaces when creating marketing and sales strategies. 

Why Worry About Engagement?

Achieving engagement has become mandatory for companies that operate on social media and other online channels. This is because just posting content does not make a marketing strategy successful.

The user and the brand develop dialogue through actions on digital platforms, such as comments, shares and likes. 

This way, the enterprise is not “talking to itself” but to people who are, or could become, its consumers. 

Furthermore, engagement is essential to transforming these people into true brand ambassadors. This means they start talking about the company to others using the famous Word of word-of-mouth marketing.

Another critical point is that people remember more of what they consume when it catches their attention. In other words, when interacting with the company, a person can assimilate better the content they saw and not just drag the screen to the next one. 

Therefore, it is essential to work with mental triggers, creative copy and Storytelling to develop materials that attract attention and make a person take action. 

How To Enhance Your Company’s Engagement On Networks

There is no cake recipe when it comes to engagement. This is because users’ online habits constantly change with the speed and diversity of online information. 

But, this does not mean the brand should post to feed the social media algorithm. It is necessary to remember that content production is being done for someone else and not for a line of code.

Therefore, the enterprise must understand the profile of its target audience; this way, it is possible to understand their needs, desires and pains to produce materials that make dialogue a two-way street.

Based on this knowledge, it is possible to identify the primary triggers that can be used in publications and develop efficient CTAs (calls to action) to trigger comments, likes and shares.

In addition to this series of actions, the brand needs to create a meaningful, lasting and close conversation with its consumers. This is because, currently, humanized marketing has become an issue. 

Therefore, invest in quality graphic elements, valuable and original content to show the viewer what the company has to offer. With this, the user will see more than just another post and feel encouraged to interact.

Furthermore, it is worth investing in different content formats, such as:

  • Web Stories;
  • E-books;
  • Newsletters;
  • Infographics.
  • Instigate, engage and sell

Engagement has become the golden Word for marketing with the increase in users on social media. Much more than likes and shares, this term emphasizes the close relationship and reciprocal dialogue between a company and its consumer. 

Through this relationship, a brand becomes capable of developing more efficient digital marketing strategies and educating and qualifying a lead, transforming it into more than a customer but into a true ambassador.

To do this, it is necessary to understand the target audience and work with the algorithms and not for them. This means producing valuable content for the user to be valid and encouraging them to interact. 

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