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Learn To Identify Flaws In Data Security

Data Security: Technological growth makes the volume of data and information shared in companies very high. It opens up cyber crimes, changes, and data loss without investment in a good information security system.

Given this scenario, it is necessary to think of ways to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the organization, in addition to managing this data in the best possible way, ensuring a good storage, processing, and distribution environment.

Regardless of the company’s size, it is essential to have a good action plan and adopt measures to prevent possible risks and avoid failures in data security.

With that in mind, we created this content to help identify such errors and tips on the main strategies to improve data protection in your business. Enjoy reading!

How To Identify Possible Failures?

Do intrusion tests: Pentest, which comes from the English Penetration Test, or simply Intrusion Test, have the purpose of simulating in a controlled way possible attacks that the company may suffer? Conducted by internal and external experts, the test will ensure that stored data is safe from malicious attacks and is useful for creating action-based planning and aligning with intended information security objectives.

Monitor the company’s IT infrastructure: monitoring and testing vulnerabilities should be part of its routine. Having trained professionals in the IT team will also guarantee that the work will properly follow the security rules and procedures.

With this, it will be possible to avoid both physical and virtual attacks, known as cyber risks. Check below some important measures that should be adopted to increase your company’s data security.

Keep An Efficient Backup Routine

Backing up data and passwords frequently will ensure that company information is in a safe environment in the event of any invasion or structural damage to equipment. But remember, test the tool’s restore process periodically to ensure it’s working properly.

Perform Risk Analysis

Digital threats evolve daily, so the company must have a team specialized in assessing possible risk situations that may interfere with data protection. With this analysis, it will be easier to identify the points of weakness in the organization’s security system and, thus, establish priorities for the necessary measures to reduce

No company wants to have to manage a crisis. Still, knowing how to act in these critical moments to reduce losses and behave intelligently in delicate situations like this is fundamental.

In the business market, there are more and more options to monitor and manage organizational crises effectively and intelligently. This article will discuss the main tools used to manage a crisis.


To carry out excellent research and cross information from public or private sources, the Genesis platform provides all the necessary assistance for your company to be able to gather important data that will help in the process of avoiding financial crimes and business fraud, thus managing to anticipate possible crises and disorders within the organization.

And carrying out reputation analyzes of both individuals and legal entities and also serving to analyze the reputation of your own company before the market and its consumers.

Buzz Sumo

In a crisis, it is essential to be quick in your response. Still, so that you don’t end up making the situation worse with the wrong positions, it is important to carry out monitoring before an official pronouncement. And for that, Buzz Sumo’s platform delivers excellent data on what’s happening digitally, on social media, and the content of negative messages about your brand.


To carry out action plans and crisis management on the NEXT platform, it is important to remember the benefits of using market intelligence data. Precisely because to be able to draw up efficient planning, it is important to have all the information at hand and define a strategy based on using this data.

Not to mention the facilities the platform offers with its filters so that segmentation is carried out and you can identify your audience of interest.

RD Station

To manage a company’s social networks, it is necessary to have a complete platform that can meet the main demands of planning and execution strategies in digital marketing. And RD Station is perfect for this purpose, as it has several resources to automate processes and improve the performance of your company’s actions on digital.

Creating, scheduling, and posting content on social networks is possible. Develop email marketing campaigns, set up landing pages, and analyze metrics and results. With these facilities, managing a possible crisis becomes much less difficult and more complete and efficient.


We hope that this article has been useful in identifying flaws in data security and understanding the importance of investing in measures that minimize the risk in case of external attacks, in order not only to keep customer and supplier data safe but also the integrity of the organization itself.

In a possible business crisis, it is essential to know how to make objective and intelligent decisions so that the containment of losses can be efficient in its purpose. Bypassing adverse situations will be much more complete with these tools to manage potential problems and crises and avoid them.

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