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Is POCO X5 Pro Any Good? Intermediate Brings Good Resources

POCO X5 Pro: Your smartphone’s Intermediaries tend to be the most sought-after options by consumers because they cover a good amount of features, with minimal settings that are more than good for more common users, and with more affordable prices.

Therefore, famous brands for cost-effective cell phones, such as Xiaomi, are often synonymous with good mid-range devices. Among the range of features offered, the POCO line usually focuses on good performance and durability, to the detriment of other factors, such as the set of cameras. Within these aspects, is the POCO X5 Pro any good? Would this be the cell phone with the best cameras on the line? Check out the answers to these and other questions below!

Design And Connectivity

The design of the POCO X5 Pro follows some of the main standards of the line, having its back in a plain color, with a great highlight on the camera module, with the name POCO next to the lenses. The finish is entirely plastic, and despite the smooth color, the back has a more visible texture on the black device. Speaking of colors, in addition to black, the POCO X5 Pro is also available in light blue, which involves not only the rear but the edge and the camera set as well, and in yellow, which is only on the back, having the edges and the set of cameras in black color. 

Its left side is completely free, while the right side has the volume and power buttons with fingerprint reading to unlock the screen. In the upper part, there is a P2 input of a headset and a speaker, and at the bottom, the drawer with support for two SIM cards (it does not support a micro SD card), the USB-C port, and another speaker. 

The smartphone has MIUI 14 and has as its operating system the theandroid12. In addition, it has 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, and NFC connectivity. A not-so-encouraging point is its IP53 certification, which is partially resistant to dust and slightly resistant to water splashes. In doubt, refrain from subjecting the device to any of these conditions. 

Screen And Audio 

Both screen and audio are positive aspects of the POCO X5 Pro. It is a good display for any use with Full HD + resolution, AMOLED technology, 120 Hz refresh rate, and 6.67 inches. Extra features like HDR10+ and Dolby Vision make this screen stand out for both games, the consumption of videos, or just common uses. 

Its glass has Gorilla Glass 5 protection, one of the best among intermediate cell phones. However, unfortunately, its brightness is not there, being the only relevant negative point of the screen. The device has stereo audio supporting Dolby Atmos technology, producing good quality.


In numerical terms, the set of cameras of the POCO X5 Pro is the same as its predecessor, but the results are not the same. The main camera, 108 MP, has vivid colors and great contrast, despite being unable to reproduce a high level of detail. In portraits, it looks decent, with good cropping and exposure. The same goes for the results of the wide-angle lens, of 8 MP, with good reproduction of details and colors but not-so-good contrast. The macro camera leaves something to be desired in basically all aspects. 

When trying to take pictures in places with low light, the POCO X5 Pro applies an automatic night mode with good saturation, contrast, and a medium level of detail. But if you want to activate the night mode manually, you can achieve similar results with higher brightness. This automatic mode is only present in the main lens.

The front camera, 16 MP, is decent in all aspects, average for the intermediate level. The main camera can record 4K video at 30fps, with the ultra wide and front camera capable of recording 1080p at 30fps. Overall, it’s an average set of cameras. It is certainly not a smartphone focused on photos, but it will not let you down with the main features of the vast majority of cell phones.

Performance And Battery

The POCO X5 Pro has the Snapdragon 778G chip set, a good processor among mid-range devices, in addition to 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 or 256 GB of internal storage. That is, it is more than competent hardware for common day-to-day uses, with good multitasking capacity, in addition to having good optimization for games because of the processor and the Adreno 642L GPU. For comparison, a heavy game like Gen shin Impact maintains a good average of 50 fps with little change in graphics settings. 

As expected from a smartphone today, its battery has 5,000 mAh, with autonomy for more than a day of common uses quietly, and support for fast charging of up to 67W. When plugging it in, the X5 Pro goes from 0-100 in about 50 minutes.

What Changes From The Base Version To The Pro Version? 

If there is a Pro version, there is a base version. And what are the differences between POCO X5 and POCO X5 Pro? Firstly, the screens are practically the same, although the base version has a higher brightness. However, while the Pro version has high-quality stereo sound, the base version is limited to mono sound. As for processing, the X5 has a slightly older chip set, the same being present in the X4 Pro, the Snapdragon 695 5G, which is okay; it just won’t have the same results in games and heavier applications. 

The set of cameras is the biggest discrepancy factor. The Pro version is superior in practically everything, mainly in videos, with the base model recording only in Full HD resolution at 30 fps. Both have the same 5,000 mAh battery, but the base version only supports charging up to 33W, despite having slightly better autonomy precisely because it has a less advanced chip set, which consumes less battery.

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