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Investments In Digital Transformation In Companies

Digital transformation: While it may seem like a direct relationship, companies that grow into digital maturity are not necessarily those that increase their investments but improve how money is spent.

According to McKinsey, “many companies with a share of digital investments above 50% have lower returns compared to certain advertisers who invest half that”.

To reverse this scenario, the consultancy indicates that companies must involve people, processes, and culture for a change of mindset. 

One critical point is that most digital strategies are directed only to the last stages of the sales funnel when consumers are already closer to conversion.

However, this is reflected in another aspect that negatively impacts the ability to take advantage of sales opportunities, as companies fail to create personalized strategies for their potential customers and do not nurture good relationships from the early stages of the funnel.

Consequently, digital marketing actions still lack precision in analyzing return on investment (ROI). To guide their investments, companies must focus on four main challenges to improve the approach and relationship with customers:

Targeting Based On Integrated Data

Targeting is a way of segmenting the target audience based on their interests in content and behavior in the digital environment.

Registration information, demographic characteristics, transaction data, and website cookies are some examples of what companies currently use as a basis for planning their sales actions.

However, the biggest challenge is integrating the different data sources to generate more accurate consumer insights.

Therefore, in addition to analyzing which tools will be implemented, it is also essential to think about how they can be joined so that all the data obtained can be seen together.

Automated And Personalized Media Purchase

Companies invest in digital, but the processes used are still essentially manual, including in companies that have large-scale strategies. 

Automating this process requires the use of advanced tools and a team capable of managing them and putting the established criteria into practice.

In addition, the personalization of marketing messages to capture potential customers is a detail that national companies still need to adjust.

Automation and personalization are critical points for the success of sales actions, as they make the relationship with potential customers more agile and closer.

Manage The Relationship Along The Funnel

Each stage of the sales funnel presents opportunities to identify whether a potential customer can continue to be “nourished” with the following actions.

Digital tools need to be analyzed so that each touchpoint is put to good use, not just actions for the bottom of the funnel.

That’s because there is a much higher chance of losing promising prospects due to a lack of attention to other parts of the strategy.

The more mastery there is of every customer relationship, the more the digital maturity of companies is evident and generates results.

Team Organization And Collaboration

The digital maturity of companies is only achieved with the organization, collaboration, and integration of a well-formed team.

To be more assertive, multidisciplinary professionals and partners are fundamental pieces for data analysis. In the current scenario, 73% of companies still suffer from inadequate cross-functional coordination.

So, identifying this detail in the business and acting to correct it is essential to improve the ability to make quick decisions and better integrate teams. However, companies in the country still make little use of digital media to enhance their relationship with their customers and generate more sales opportunities.

This allows for personalized analysis and comparisons with market competitors to know how the positioning reflects on the company’s results and image in the market.

This way, the customer journey, multi-channel interactions, program content, and personalization of marketing and sales approaches will be more effective.

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