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Bots: Why Are They Essential For Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing: You may not even know or be familiar with the term bot or virtual robot, but indeed you must have accessed a store’s website and come across a conversation box asking what you need or are looking for, right?

If the answer was positive, know that this service system is one of the prominent examples of what bots or virtual robots are. It is an automated system that is here to stay, bringing benefits to consumers and businesses.

Virtual robots replace or complement humans’ work in various activities, ranging from simple customer service to more complex tasks. However, how important are bots for digital marketing? Follow along in this article.

What Are Bots?

The bot is the abbreviation for the robot. Thus, virtual robots are just systems programmed to perform predetermined functions, replacing/complementing human work in many tasks.

Using bots is a way to automate processes and make repetitive activities more efficient. Digital robots are closely linked to artificial intelligence. That is, it has the ability, in many cases, to act similarly to humans.

Examples Of Bots

Bots are used to make or answer calls, as is common in services provided by telephone companies, for example, sending SMS, customer service chats in e-commerce, and other segments, among different situations.

Chatbots, one of the most well-known types of bots, are conversational bots that simulate real-world dialogue. Generally, they are widely used as pre-service to resolve issues without needing interaction between the consumer and a real agent.

How Do Bots Work?

In general, bots are pretty popular because, in addition to their features, they have a low cost of creation and maintenance and are easy to produce since they can be created, that is, programmed, from any language.

Nowadays, it is even possible to easily find platforms suitable for this purpose, which allows the configuration of the robot without the need for in-depth knowledge in programming, for example.

Virtual robots are created by humans who use a specific language for the computer to recognize. In this way, it is from applications programmed to perform a task in an automated manner that bots work.

What Are Bots For?

The use of bots aims to automate processes and tasks, especially repetitive ones, making them more efficient, faster, and more productive. In short, they serve to increase productivity and improve the consumer experience.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Bots In Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, automation is a powerful tool. After all, it allows a team to produce more in less time and at a relatively low cost. In this sense, the use of virtual robots in digital marketing is undeniably indispensable.

Among the reasons to use robots in your marketing strategy, know that this type of technology is highly advantageous since it can be used in communication and customer service, in the qualification of leads, and the automation of processes.

Process Automation

One of the main functions of a bot is to automate repetitive processes and tasks. For this reason, when it is incorporated into a company’s digital marketing, it can be used in various stages of the sales process, for example.

It is widespread for the system to assist the user in the initial stages of the sales funnel until the closing, usually done by a natural person. In cases where the user demands a more specific service, the robot then passes the task on to the attendant.

Lead Qualification

Lead qualification is a complementary benefit obtained by using bots in digital marketing. This is because managing these contacts is usually more laborious and time-consuming, taking up much of the attendants’ time.

In this sense, virtual robots can be programmed to provide the first service, clarifying the most common doubts and collecting data to determine which stage of the sales funnel your lead is in.

Agility In Service

Imagine a company with a limited number of attendants. Now imagine that this same company has a great demand for service, to answer questions or close deals, which exceeds the team’s capacity.

The delay in service, then, becomes a genuine inconvenience. Because with the use of bots and, consequently, the automation of processes, your company gains more agility in serving customers and future customers.

Cost Optimization

Increasing a team requires investment: salary, benefits, equipment, and workplace, among other factors that can generate a considerable expense. Of course, investing in automation and the use of bots has its cost, but the value is much lower.

In addition, as we have said before, creating a virtual robot is relatively simple and has a low investment in its benefits, especially when compared to the costs of increasing and training new employees.

Anytime Service

You already know that chatbots are very popular in using bots in digital marketing. And one of the significant advantages this tool provides is the possibility of assisting at any time.

While a team usually works only during business hours, virtual robots can answer primary questions and solve less complex issues at any time, ensuring that the user is not left helpless when they need it most.

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