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6 Tips For Small Businesses On Instagram

Instagram Business: One lesson every business learned in 2020 was that even small businesses need to have a digital presence.

It would help if you were online, be seen, and engage in communication channels in the digital universe.

Most small businesses have their profiles on social media. Often these profiles are neglected; that is, they are abandoned or have been poorly fed with posts and content that do not meet the expectations of their audience. But now, these small businesses need to pay attention to these profiles and get the most out of their social media.

Today, we’re going to address Instagram specifically. Instagram is mainly known for content focused on images; it is a social network focused on photos and other pictures. But how does Instagram work simply and within the reality of small businesses? Here are 6 simple tips to get you started on the right foot.

Take Great Photos

As stated earlier, Instagram is the social network for images, so post excellent photos, not good photos, great photos! Each Instagram post can have 1 to 10 photos, called Carousel, which means you will need a lot of great images. These photos or pictures should be eye-catching, high quality, stand out and draw attention.

You don’t need to invest heavily in professional photo shoots to have engaging and exciting images for your page. With the quality of today’s smartphones, you can take great pictures from your phone. The important thing is to make sure the photo is interesting and attention-grabbing.

Try posting pictures of things your customers don’t see all the time. A newly launched product, a part of the company that the public does not have access to, a product in use situation, or other elements that arouse the curiosity and attention of your target audience.

Reply To All Comments

You posted a fantastic photo, which generated engagement and multiple interactions on the post. Great, it worked. No, not exactly this. On social media, your business must be social.

Achieving engagement and getting people to interact with your brand should come primarily from the brand. Responding to comments is one of the best ways to engage your target audience. Your brand shows followers that they are being heard by responding to comments, making the relationship more enjoyable and creating a tendency for people to interact again.

Show Behind The Scenes

When your brand engages with your target audience on social media, it has a chance to humanize that relationship. And the best way to achieve this is by showing the backstage of your company, today.

Make posts that show how things work, during office hours, after office hours, and on important dates for the brand. A simple bar showing how a product is packaged can clearly show your brand’s affection for its customers.

Posts that involve employees are widely used and are often successful. Show your customers the great people who work so they get the best service possible. The employees’ own family and friends will tend to interact with the post and will likely make it reach many people.

Stories Are In Fashion

Sharing Stories has proven to be an excellent way to share content quickly. Have you received a new shipment of products? Make a Story showing the receipt and organization of products.

Did something funny happen at the company? Make a Story showing how much the situation amused the environment. Did nothing happen today? Show that the coffee just came out and is warm waiting for customers.

Make A Schedule

It is common in small companies that the team does not have time for more activities. Keeping a company operating is not easy, and there never seems to be time for anything. Time management is an excellent reason to have a schedule of actions and tasks to feed your Instagram.

Several tools allow you to schedule your Instagram posts. So, even if you and your team are busy with other activities of the company’s operation, it is still possible to have a constant posting. Having everything programmed allows your brand to have an exciting and up-to-date feed.

Boost Your Best Posts

Did you see that you have a post generating a lot of engagement? How about reaching even more people? For that just starting, boosting a few positions can help win over even more people who might be interested in your brand.

The best way to attract new followers to your Instagram is through paid media, in this case, Instagram Ads. Today, from R$10 realis a day, you can promote your most engaging posts to reach more people who may become customers shortly.

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