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Google’s Tips For Helping Children Use The Internet Safely

To ensure a safe online experience for your children, you need to have conversations about online safety with your kids early on; Google urges parents on its official blog.

 According to Google, one in three parents in Asia Pacific are worried that their children don’t understand online safety.

 Additionally, the average age for a child to get their first cell phone is ten years old, but parents don’t talk about safety until the average age of 13. Google says the three-year gap is compromising the safety of children.

 On top of that, he points out the importance of safety checks and parental controls from an early age.

 In response, Google is introducing its tools for parents to manage their children’s online activities.

Google Provides Tools To Help Keep Children Safe Online

 “Be Internet Awesome” is a web service that allows you to have fun learning about digital security and safe online usage.

 Google’s “Family Link” is a service that allows you to manage the apps your child uses and how much time they use, as well as view your child’s location.

 SafeSearch can control explicit content such as pornography and violence from search results.

 “YouTube Kids” has functions such as specifying the content that children can watch, specifying the target age group, and limiting viewing time.

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What is a Family Link?

 Also explains the difference between a child’s account and a regular Google account.

+3+3. An increasing number of families are giving their elementary and junior high school students smartphones. It will be more convenient later on if you set up a child-specific account on your child’s smartphone.

Here’s how to create a Google account for a child under 13.

Can I create a Google account if I’m under 13?

With Android devices, you can easily change models by setting up a Google account, and you can also purchase paid apps on Google Play.

However, in Japan, you cannot create a regular Google account if you are under 13 years old.

If you want to create an account for your child, use Google Family Link.

Use “Family Link” for your child’s account.

Google Family Link is a service that allows parents to manage their children’s smartphones from their devices.

For example, you can restrict the apps your child uses, set limits on how long they can use, lock your child’s device, and check the location of your child’s device. The parent’s device can be an iPhone or Android.

First, download either the Android or iOS version of the Family Link app for parents to the parent’s device.

In addition, by downloading “Google Family Link for Children Under 18” to the child’s device and linking the parent’s and child’s devices, you will be able to make settings such as restricting the use of the app.

A guide will appear when setting up the parent app and child app, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost. This works whether you already have a Google account for your child or if you haven’t created one yet. If you are under the age of 13 and cannot create a regular account, you can use Family Link to create an account for your child. What is the difference between a child account and a standard Google account?

Accounts for children under the age of 13 may be used under parental supervision (Family Link settings). Once your child reaches the age of 13, you can choose whether or not to manage their account.

Additionally, accounts for children under the age of 13 can be deleted from the Family Link app for parents.

Things to keep in mind when creating a child account

If a parent enters an incorrect age to use an existing account for their child, the account will be locked.

 If your account is locked due to age restrictions

If you accidentally enter your child’s date of birth into an account created using an adult’s date of birth and the report is locked, you can unlock it using the following method.

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