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8 Recommended Free Software Rankings For Photo/Image Editing

In this article, we will introduce how to choose editing software that can edit and modify images and photos, as well as eight recommended photo processing and modification software. When it comes to editing pictures and photos, you may need a picture to decorate a scene in a video, or you may want to edit the image to make it more attractive.

The purpose of editing differs depending on the person. If you first clarify the meaning of what kind of editing you want to do, personal or professional, it will be easier to choose software. In this article, we will introduce the features and functions of recommended free image and photo editing software, so please use it as a reference when choosing software.

1. “Wondershare Filmora” Photo/Image Editing Software That Allows Creative Editing With AI

Filmora is a software that allows you to edit videos and photos, and anyone can easily create professional-looking videos. You can edit not only videos but also audio and images completely free of charge, so it is also suitable for people who are looking for image/photo editing software. It is particularly useful for creating video thumbnails and promotional banners, as it has the advantage of being able to convey the atmosphere as it is by reusing video materials and does not require the cost of image editing software.

You can use the trial version as a free software for editing photos and videos, and if you pay, you can use the product version with full-fledged specifications. The system is easy to use, even for beginners, and allows you to perform professional photo and video editing without hesitation.

2 . “PaintShop Pro” Photo And Image Editing Software That Allows You To Perform Complex Image Editing Easily

PaintShop Pro is a full-featured photo editing software. PaintShop Pro 2022 uses tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to detect people in photos, automatically replace the background, and make images more artistic. It is more suitable for beginners than Adobe Photoshop, has a free plan, and has a lower price range for paid plans.

3 . “PhotoScape” Photo/Image Editing Software That Allows You To Adjust A Wide Range Of Colors Easily

PhotoScape is an image editing software that allows you to edit images and photos easily. Although it is free software, it has various functions. Multi-functional software takes some time to get used to, but this software supports only frequently used parts, so it is suitable for people who want to do simple editing.

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There is no layer function, and all help is in English, so it may not be easy to understand.

4. “Pixia” Photo/Image Editing Software Recommended For Those Who Want To Draw Pictures

It is a painting software whose selling point is that it has been updated for free for the longest period. This software is for people who want to draw pictures rather than people who want to edit photos. It has a layer function, so you can edit each layer and remove your favorite illustrations by using brushes that can adjust the intensity and density, complementary brushes, filter brushes, etc.

5 . “Photo Pos Pro” Allows You To Use A Wide Variety Of Color Management And Retouching Tools

Photo Pos Pro is a graphics editor that allows you to edit photos, optimize images, and add special filters and effects. Although it is free, it has a wide variety of editing functions, and you can even draw like an illustrator using line tools, shape tools, etc. We can also create logos and banners for your website.

6. “Zoner Photo Studio 18” Rich Functions Such As All-in-one Software And Image Element With Management

Zoner Photo Studio 18 is a photo editing software whose main functions are:

  • Image editing and management.
  • Panorama and 3D image creation.
  • A “tilt-shift” effect that makes photos look like miniature dioramas.

It also supports RAW files from high-quality cameras such as digital SLRs and mirrorless cameras.

7. “Photodirector 365” Easy-to-use Photo/Image Editing Software And High Performance

Photodirector 365 is a photo editing software that allows you to manage, correct, and compose photos. It is equipped with a variety of functions, allowing you to use a large number of photo and music materials. It has over 1900 effects and templates and is compatible with the latest RAW file formats.

8. “AFFINITY Photo” Photo/Image Editing Software That Allows Complex Compositing Of Multiple Images

AFFINITY Photo is a photo editing software that allows you to easily manage and edit photos, allowing you to edit and edit photos taken with high-performance cameras to make them even more appealing. It is popular because it is not a subscription version and can be purchased at a more affordable price than Photoshop, considering its features.

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