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Cloud Computing: Solution For Companies In A Time Of The Pandemic

Cloud Computing: The coronavirus pandemic has caused governments to require social distancing or social isolation between people to contain the spread of the virus.

Given this scenario, companies could not require their employees to travel to their workplaces. Organizations started to adopt Cloud Computing to overcome this problem, allowing people to work remotely and directly from their homes ( home office ). With this strategy, they continued their production, managed to comply with legislation, and minimized the chances of contamination of COVID-19 by employees.

Managers were also able to manage and supervise their activities without being physically at the company’s premises. In this case, the cloud interconnects with management systems that point out the operations being carried out by employees in real-time and generate performance reports.

Understand How Cloud Computing Is Your Company’s Ally

Cloud Computing is not a helpful technology only in a pandemic scenario, as it brings numerous benefits that directly help in the development of companies that adopt it. Check out some of them below.

Authority In The Market

Cloud computing enables a more straightforward relationship with your customers, especially if a competent, experienced, and specialized Data Base is hired. Thanks to robust servers and networks, your company’s website or platform will be more stable and load faster.

This prevents you from losing customers due to system crashes or access failures and provides a more beneficial experience for your audience, continuously improving your image.

Scalability And Flexibility

It will be possible to expand business activities without investing in IT infrastructure, contact the Data Base provider and request a new plan. Imagine that you have an online store; it will be advantageous to increase your capacity during peak sales periods, such as black Friday, Christmas, and other festive dates.

When business activities drop — such as low sales or crises — it will also be possible to reduce server capacity by contracting more economical plans. This advantage prevents equipment from being idle and generating costs during this period.

Maximum Productivity

Quality Data Bases are stable and use state-of-the-art technologies, which avoids machine instabilities and, consequently, the time employees are idle waiting for the server to return.

Another aspect that helps in productivity is that the server can be accessed anywhere and anytime; this benefits the interaction and collaboration between teams, increasing productivity. For example, a professional will be able to carry out his activities even outside the company’s establishment.

Better Decision Making

As in Cloud Computing, most (if not all) of the business data will be clustered on a single platform, and indicators, metrics, and management reports will be more complete. In addition, managers will access this information remotely through a mobile device (such as a smartphone, tablet, or notebook ), facilitating its management.

Extensive Security

Concerns related to the loss or loss of information will be significantly reduced. The Data Base provider will perform backups (back-ups) automatically and frequently, allowing any lost data to be quickly recovered.

In the event of catastrophes — such as fires and floods — or accidents in the company, all information will be in the contracted Base Data, a fact that speeds up the recovery of the business and avoids harming customers, partners, or employees.

A good provider also increases protection by using specific programs that prevent DDoS attacks (attempting to make a system unavailable to users) and other tools such as antivirus, firewalls, data encryption, and security policies.


Cloud computing is also an essential tool for sustainable development. Instead of multiple companies building their infrastructure, they will only use one company that provides the Data Base; this minimizes energy expenditure and the need for equipment purchases — reducing improper electronics disposal.

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