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8 Best WordPress Themes For Marketing Agencies

Creating a good website involves a lot of layout choices, and many templates can be helpful to use as a base, but how do you choose the best WordPress themes for Marketing agencies? If this is your doubt, check out these tips.

First, it is necessary to emphasize that WordPress themes, despite having categories that indicate that that template would be more suitable for a type of site, such as sales or health-related, are OK! You can use it to create any theme for any niche market. 

The aesthetic and functional part of the chosen template will make the difference when choosing WordPress themes for marketing agencies. 

In addition, choosing a pre-made theme will save you a lot of time and money; if you chose to create your website from scratch, you would need to hire professionals such as designers and programmers. 

We encourage you to know your options and choose to avoid all that trouble and expense.

WordPress Themes For Marketing Agencies


Exponent has good options for those looking for good WordPress themes for Marketing agencies because it has a unique and fully customizable design.

This option is highly recommended for those starting or launching their brand. It is one of the good options with demo versions that allow you to test before deciding on the ideal theme.


This is one of the most versatile Marketing agency WordPress themes on this list. A simple, clean, and exquisite model, Rhodes is excellent for offering services and business partnerships.

It provides up to 10 types of specific templates for each market niche. It also enables team, event, and portfolio management, a relevant tab for Marketing agencies to display their success stories.

Rock Group

Rock Group is an excellent choice for those looking for a more minimalist approach and betting on the flat design on their website. 

Through it, it is possible to create info graphics within the pages in addition to being a stylized theme for business topics.

This template is also easy to customize, and all elements can be changed in shape, size, or any other property.

SEO sight

SEO sight’s significant differential is having a clear and well-distributed structure of the forms on each page, facilitating navigation, and putting the page user in control of everything.

With just a few seconds inside this template, you will realize that it is possible to condense the primary information of your brand in such a way that the further you go down, the greater the wealth of details of each tab of the website; it works like a funnel.


This is one of the WordPress themes for Marketing agencies that focus on more visual aspects such as photos, working well with company portfolios. 

With an elegant and professional design, this template is optimized so that you can easily change anything you want.

Right on the home page, you have a tab for:

  • list relevant company statistics, 
  • a space to list your best clients,
  • highlight the main work you’ve done with them.

It also has a recent content tab highlighting your portfolio’s latest additions.

SEO Crawler

This WordPress theme option for Marketing Agencies brings three traditional templates for websites in this niche ready for you to mix, test and find the ideal interface for your website.

This template was designed to suit a variety of services offered by an agency, from companies specializing in digital marketing to freelancer portfolios and design studios, making it a very versatile option.

Marketing Pro

One of the most popular interfaces when thinking about WordPress themes for Marketing agencies, Marketing Pro is suitable for various websites within the field, with 11 demo templates available.

All demos are flexible and designed to encompass SEO and Digital Marketing agencies, freelance professionals, or companies that promote events.

The Gem

One of the complete WordPress theme options for Marketing agencies, The Gem has 70 templates with plenty of variety for creating websites.

The template has modern features, with good visualization on mobile and constant updates made by the creators. This theme has the versatility that agencies with more than one service can use very well.

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