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5 Things We Don’t Know About Social Media

Do you know how to efficiently use social media as a digital marketing tool? This post is aimed at anyone who wants their social media marketing efforts not to be in vain and, at the same time, gain insights into their strategy. 

Cutting Path Is Not An Option

Unlike many “experts” advertise, looking for shortcuts to seek Success in your social media strategy is not an option. Therefore, buying a profile with a certain number of followers, using tools that use fake profiles to gain likes, and other unethical tricks offered out there should not be considered.

A social media strategy shouldn’t be treated like a 100m sprint; it should be treated like a marathon. Working to reach an authentic audience that engages with your content involves a lot of effort. Craft a solid and consistent strategy. So the chances of you achieving satisfactory results and not getting frustrated with the media will be greater.

Too Many Follows And Likes Doesn’t Determine Success

Many people worry about a competitor’s number of followers and likes rather than the strategy itself. Within a social media strategy, you can inject a high value into a specific campaign to reach more followers and likes. Still, often this investment should go to a movement that converts users into business.

It Doesn’t Involve Luck; It Involves Work

I’ve heard people say that they look for an excellent image, write a text that they think is attractive, post it, and hope it works. This doesn’t seem right. A social media strategy must always be analyzed, adjusted, and reconfigured to achieve good results.

Try to understand with your posting history what is working and if these contents, in addition to having achieved good results, make sense with the message your brand wants to convey. Your social media efforts should be about much more than posting and crossing your fingers. It is analytical work, which involves a lot of data that needs to be analyzed, transformed into information, and applied for Success in the continuity of the strategy.

It’s Not Something That Should Be Done “Quickly”

Social media takes a lot of time and energy. Therefore, you will have to dedicate a lot of time to engaging your customers, responding to comments, creating materials (photos, videos, texts…), creating campaigns, and even providing assistance when necessary. This will all demand a lot of you, and the best way to reduce the time dedicated to all this is to hire an agency that helps you and makes the work run “four hands.”

Having the support of an agency and having professionals who live all this daily, you will have greater assertiveness in your strategy. An agency will be able to track its efforts and track its metrics. You are decreasing your efforts considerably to have more time to dedicate to your business.

Not Everything Tracked Becomes Absolute Truth

Online marketing has a considerable advantage over offline marketing as it is an environment where measurement and traceability are much more accessible. But when we talk about social media, it doesn’t work well that way. You must consider that in social media, we are dealing with people. And, considering that the strategy is based on people, it is essential to think that human beings change their opinion and attitude in a short time.

People are susceptible, and there are many cases in which they change their minds overnight. Living with this unpredictability involves understanding your customers purchase journey. Some people buy right the first time they click on an ad on social media, while others need to be impacted more times to define by acquisition. In this way, what worked for a person will not always mean that we have found the path to Success.


Social media has become an important channel for digital marketing strategies and should be considered by any brand. Acting in these media is essential for those who want to succeed with their design and demand great efforts. So look for relevant information and direct your efforts to be assertive, but try to understand which of them make sense for your goal of acting on social media. What worked for one might not work for another.

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