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Why Encrypt Documents to Protect Your Computer Data?

In the course of your daily work, you accumulate various documents which may contain information of a confidential nature. And it is normal that you want to protect the data. Encryption allows you to effectively protect your computer data by encrypting the information , for an optimal level of security.

Why encrypt your business documents?

Why is it necessary to encrypt your business documents? Encryption is the computer technique that makes any document unreadable. It prohibits access to information, except for those who have a decryption key.

Both professionally and personally, encryption has many benefits. In particular, it allows you to store your confidential documents wherever you want, including on a shared server. Your colleagues cannot know about it. This is particularly useful in certain professions subject to professional secrecy, such as doctors or lawyers. This computer protection is also essential if you work on a laptop and it risks being stolen one day. Since you never know what future events will be, it is better to avoid the worst.

If your confidential documents are not sufficiently protected and they fall into the wrong hands, it can have serious consequences. For example, damage to the financial health of the company and its reputation or even identity theft. In the worst case scenario, this could lead to the closure of the business.

Steps to take to encrypt your documents

The practice of encrypting sensitive documents is unfortunately not a common solution for all companies. Therefore, this practice is not subject to generalization. We therefore consider that people who are not part of the company have access to more than half of the data placed in Google Drive. The fact that stored data is not encrypted is a very real risk. Indeed, since it exposes the company to a possible information leak or to malicious use of data.

To encrypt confidential information in your business documents, you must encrypt the entire document directory. Its access will be restricted and reserved for people with the decryption code, which will prevent data leaks. Encryption targets files placed in the Cloud or stored internally, without distinction.

To secure your computer data in business , you can follow several steps. Another tip would be to encrypt your emails. If you send unencrypted emails containing confidential documents, this means leaving the information out to everyone. If your email is encrypted, it stops being transmitted unencrypted and is read only by the recipient. The latter must have the key to be entered. If the encryption of an email camouflages the contents of the email, it leaves its title visible. Do not give confidential information in the title of the email, to avoid any leaks later.

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