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WhatsApp Business: How To Create And Apply It?

Still not familiar with WhatsApp Business? So it’s time to discover how this tool can facilitate communication and bring your company closer to your audience. 

With it, you can improve your service and offer a good experience to your customer. Answer questions, get support, or finalize sales – automation and message segmentation simplify and make communication more flexible for these functions. 

In today’s article, learn more about WhatsApp Business. Understand how to implement the tool in your business. 

WhatsApp Business: What Is This Tool?

WhatsApp Business is the commercial version of WhatsApp Messenger, both available for Android and iPhone. Created to help small and medium-sized companies, the tool facilitates interaction with customers. In addition, it offers resources to automate, organize and respond to messages with greater agility. 

The application is free, similar to the version for personal use regarding visuals and interactivity. It can exchange messages, send documents, videos, and photographs.

However, the application also brings specific features for those who manage businesses. For example:

  • Presentation of important information about the company.
  • Tags to organize messages and groups.
  • Messaging automation. 

Why Bet On WhatsApp Business For Your Company?

WhatsApp Business was developed to facilitate communication management and the development of small and medium-sized companies. The professional account is more credible than the personal one and offers more information. Among them, we can mention:

  • business hours;
  • email and website;
  • segment;
  • address linked to Google Maps. 

The number used to create the account can be a landline. In addition, the features present in WhatsApp Business allow the company to be closer to its customers.

After all, there are more than 2 billion users of the tool, which is always there in the palm of your hand. Facilitating communication is essential to expand business, sell more, and grow. 

Automated messages, tagging, and business presentations are always available to customers. And your company has access to metrics that offer valuable insights. They can be used to analyze the performance of the service channel and improve the approach.

WhatsApp Business is also a valuable resource for marketing and sales teams. It is used for customer service, prospecting, negotiating, and closing deals. Therefore, it is the definitive version to optimize the management of this customer communication platform.

Main Functions Of WhatsApp Business

You know the application, exchange messages, and resolve several issues in your routine. But do you know everything that the commercial version offers? Discover now the features and differentials of the tool. Understand how WhatsApp Business can help make your digital marketing team’s day-to-day productive.

Messaging Automation

This platform lets you set up automatic messages for your customers’ most frequently asked questions. Here’s which ones you can automate:

  • Absence message.
  • Greeting message.
  • Quick answers about products, prices, or payment methods, among others.

Thus, time is optimized, and your team gains productivity. After all, it is unnecessary to type the same thing several times. 

Business Profile Creation

The business profile allows you to enter useful information for your customers. This includes a physical address with a link to Google Maps, a business description, hours of operation, email, and website.

Statistics Analysis

In WhatsApp Business settings, you can track how many messages were sent, received, and replied to. These statistics can help your business to:

  • identify patterns among your customers;
  • improve your communication strategy;
  • create even more assertive campaigns.

Organization In Tags

Tags serve to categorize conversations and groups. This makes the app more organized and improves its usability. By default, WhatsApp Business offers ready-made stickers. But it is possible to create others more suited to the needs of your business. 

If you want to professionalize the service that your company offers to customers, WhatsApp Business is an excellent option. After all, they will likely already have the application installed on their cell phone.

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