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What No One Tells You About WhatsApp Business Metrics

WhatsApp Business Metrics: Measure results. This is one of the most important pillars for success in any professional activity.

No matter the size of the business or the segment in which it operates, this can bring many answers to the company’s strategic planning and investment in the right resources.

This reality is no different in one of the most used customer contact points. WhatsApp Business metrics are there to optimize your performance. Here, we will check the impact of these indicators on those who use the application. Follow!

First, what is a metric? These parameters allow for monitoring and measuring the performance of the company’s strategies. This is how you assess whether the implemented actions are going as planned.

To clarify, the metrics are responsible for saying whether the objectives are being achieved or whether there is a need to recalculate the route and adopt other procedures. But that is not all!

Metrics can be monitored in real-time. They enable the analysis of processes and, if applicable, put new measures into practice, even during the execution of campaigns or operations.

Ultimately, they contribute to a continuous optimization process. And they can be applied in the most varied sectors of an organization.

WhatsApp Business metrics, in turn, are essential for managers to understand the flow of messages, as well as the profile of customers. This makes it easier to offer an effective digital service experience.

What Is The Importance Of Measuring Metrics In Customer Service?

Efficiency in customer service can be linked to numerous factors. Therefore, using metrics to measure this work becomes a key element.

As mentioned, you understand more clearly everything that happens in practice. So, the intelligence extracted from the data allows the elaboration of correct strategic planning, with better insights for decision-making.

With this alignment, the company obtains greater control over its operations, making services more organized and agile. And, of course, it maintains a good level of customer satisfaction.

What Are The Main WhatsApp Business Metrics?

One of the great advantages of WhatsApp Business compared to a personal account in the application is the Statistics feature.

As you might imagine, this tool provides data and analysis on interactions between company and customer, that is, the metrics of your communication engagement.

Interesting. That’s why we will detail the main metrics to achieve excellent performance with WhatsApp Commercial. Just take a look!

Average Waiting Time

Measures the average time your customers typically wait before getting service through the app. You may be wondering: okay, and how does this interfere with my company’s performance?

This metric makes it possible to better understand the dynamics best suited to the customer profile, especially by identifying the frictions that must be controlled to ensure greater agility.

Average Service Time

As the name suggests, this is the WhatsApp Business metric responsible for indicating the duration of calls.

The intention here is to organize your actions so that this contact with the client is as fluid as possible. After all, consumers want to solve their problems easily and quickly.

If the average service time is reasonable for them, it is synonymous with higher satisfaction.

Number Of Messages Exchanged

Calculating the volume of messages exchanged helps test the efficiency of your service. Do you know why?

Suppose there are many messages to solve problems, for example. In that case, it may indicate that the company needs to communicate more clearly, directly impacting satisfaction levels.

Therefore, analyzing this type of information is also a fundamental parameter for businesses looking for excellent performance.

Number Of Closed Requests

In this metric, it is important to consider that some calls are completed but unresolved. And a high rate of this type of occurrence may reflect some failure in the process.

When a customer contacts the company and is unsuccessful in their request, this is synonymous with a customer experience that leaves negative marks. Therefore, it is essential to measure these services and find where the problem is.

Number Of Open Conversations

The number of open conversations shows the number of calls made in a given time interval — monthly, fortnightly, or weekly.

By carrying out this type of assessment, the manager can have a broad view of his service system and detect the points that need improvement: the need for new hires or the acquisition of a more robust infrastructure to scale the business.

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