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What Is Computational IoT, And What Are The Benefits Of IIoT?

Recently, a new IoT approach has been relevant: devices called endpoints or computational IoT. They differ from traditional IoTs in that they are not cloud-dependent.

By managing the information, they generate faster responses and actions and become more secure, as the data does not leave the device.

There are smart cities, for example, where cameras with a solid computational capacity collect images and data and send the analyzed information to traffic controllers. 

IoT vs IIoT: What’s The Difference?

When talking about the digital revolution, the two leading technologies also cause confusion because they have similar terms and acronyms. But the difference is simple to explain. The IoT is the “Internet of Things“. In contrast, the IIoT, with an extra “I”, is the acronym that names the “Industrial Internet of Things” in Portuguese: the “Industrial Internet of Things”.

While IoT encompasses different sectors (smart cities, agriculture, traffic and transport ), IIoT focuses on industrial solutions that aim to improve data communication between machines and users to optimize a company’s results continuously.

Benefits Of IIoT Technology

There are several advantages that IIoT technology delivers to users within an industry. Through integration, it is possible to create smart factories, which ensure better efficiency and productivity and even impact the safety and health of workers.

Gains can be seen in more economical production, as data can indicate possible improvements in better energy management, as managers can see details about each machine’s consumption and predictive maintenance, as the IIoT helps to visualize potential problems and avoid them, saving time and money.

In addition, in an industrial environment, IIoT also enables remote control of operations through dashboards or apps, security of both processes and information, and avoids downtime.

Which Sectors Benefit Most From The IoT?

There may be IoT solutions for various sectors in the modern world with an internet connection. Among those who benefited the most and are currently helping are:

  • Agriculture: through devices capable of tracking and controlling the number of inputs, managing territories and water supply;
  • Fleet management: IoT improves communication on road networks such as air or rail and controls fuel consumption;
  • Hospitals: The connection allows you to manage ventilators, analyze patient recovery and program interventions, and monitor cases remotely and securely;
  • Security: through the internet, it is possible to register entries and exits, send notifications when something is not as expected, etc.;
  • Intelligent environments: monitoring lights, temperature, cleaning and other activations according to the user’s preference.

Currently, HR managers and company employees can be carefree when clocking in. This is because there are already several ways to control the entry and exit of employees in addition to the traditional way. And one of them is through the electronic point registration system.

Not by chance, today it is already possible to perform this task automatically and with less bureaucracy than in the past. But, given the number of HR systems available on the market, it is common to wonder which tool is right for your company. After all, the features are many and different.


In this article, you understood what IoT is and the whole concept that exists behind this term. He also discovered that it is responsible for many of the technological advances we have witnessed and enjoyed lately.

Nowadays, it is already possible to see incredible technological advances and how it is already impacting several companies worldwide. There is no way to escape this scenario, so your company should already start adapting to these changes.

After all, with the proper devices, sensors, the cloud and a manager, it is possible to optimize the activities and results of various sectors of society, from smart cities to hospitals. Everyone benefits from the greater connection and communication between things!

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