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Tips For Your Company Notebook To Increase Its Useful Life

Companies with a habit of containing expenses know the importance of notebook care. From the way of use to battery issues, once you or your employees keep up to date with some precautions, the machines will have an extended useful life.

Throughout the text, you will realize that taking care of the notebook is less costly in time and money than waiting for the devices to become slow or, with other serious problems, requiring a referral for maintenance.

Keep an eye out for the notebook care tips below to extend the life of this business tool. Eight care for the company notebook:

Screen And Notebook Care

The screen is one of the most expensive parts, so replacing it can be as costly as buying a new computer, making explicit the need to take precautions with it in notebook tips.

One of the essential things to do is clean the screen periodically using a soft cloth to avoid scratching it. Only use chemicals and (or) liquids for cleaning if there is permission from the manufacturers in the computer manual.

Another interesting notebook care tip is to avoid touching the screen, even with touchscreen features, as the accumulation of dirt generated by your fingers damages the monitor.

Remember: Notebook is not a decoration object; placing anything on the device can crack the screen.

Keep An Eye On The Notebook Battery

Suddenly, you realize that the device’s battery is in the range of 10%, about to lose all energy and, consequently, connect a source to recharge – almost everyone who uses a notebook at work has gone through a similar experience.

However, depending on the type of notebook, it is harmful to recharge the battery with the device turned on, and it is recommended first to turn everything off to restore it later in a safer way.

Prudence with power Supply

Continuing the explanation of corporate notebook care, we cannot ignore the power supply, which, although not an internal component of the device, is essential for recharging.

Some versions even come with Velcro to help with storage, but even if this feature does not exist, it is essential not to tangle the power supply wires when storing it, taking the utmost care to avoid wear.

Machine Use Surface

Many employees believe that the advantage of using a notebook is the practicality of using it in different places. But you must be careful if you want to maintain a longer life for the devices.

Most notebook manufacturers contraindicate the use of the device on soft surfaces, for example, on the lap or sofa, because this use impairs the essential ventilation to avoid overheating of the parts.

One primary care with the notebook is to avoid using it on surfaces that can overheat it and damage it once and for all.

Food On Top Of The Notebook

Notebook care scores include rules to prevent food damage. The place for employees to carry out meals, in general, is in the pantry, a measure to avoid crumbs that damage machines.

If a crumb accidentally falls, it must be cleaned immediately, avoiding small accumulations that cause significant damage. This cleaning can be done with the help of a brush.

In case of spilt liquids, switch off and turn the device upside down and then wait for the water to drain.

Keyboard Hygiene

Some notebook care requires cleaning the keyboards, which can be done without difficulty using a soft-bristled brush on machines with keys with a lot of distance between them. To clean in small spaces, use a cotton swab or paper clips with cotton so as not to scratch.

Internal Maintenance

Care like the company’s notebook must occur on the external and internal sides for the device to have a longer useful life. Internally, at least once a year, you can send the notebook to clean the internal components, which requires hiring specialist technical services.

In addition to removing dirt, technicians perform other services that improve computers, such as changing the cooler or inserting a thermal paste that works with more dedication.

Inside The HD

In the case of portable computers, there are more chances of having a problem with the hard disk than in comparison with PCs. One of the essential notebook tips is to avoid moving the device when there is an update or any type of operational work; locomotion is safer on the HD if the machines are turned off.

When moving the notebook and accidentally crashing it, fatal damage to the corporate notebook’s HD can occur, including the total loss of all saved data. For this reason, it is also advisable to maintain the habit of backing up files on portable computers.

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