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Six Techs KPIs Every Business Should Track

How to know if the work in the IT area achieves the expected results? Analyzing techs KPIs is a strategy to evaluate the team’s performance and verify that the service is performed with the desired quality.

This way, the IT sector can develop skills to speed up problem-solving and contribute to the company’s goals. Want to know more about it? Follow up!

Understand The Difference Between KPI And Metrics

Metrics are information related to a user’s behavior. They comprise objective data and do not usually contain an established goal. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are indicators used to verify if a company has achieved the expected result.

To establish a KPI, various metrics information is generally used. It analyzes the performance of a particular sector or company and identifies trends that can contribute to the business’s success. Therefore, KPIs can be qualitative or quantitative. They can use information from spreadsheets, software, and other users.

Learn Why It’s Essential To Monitor Technology KPIs

They allow managers and executives to improve communication within the company and find more effective solutions for the business. Technology KPIs make it possible to assess whether the team has reached the established goals, if the equipment is working correctly and if it is possible to define strategies to obtain better results.

Therefore, managers and employees must know the KPIs established for the IT sector. Furthermore, they must be evaluated within an attainable time frame. As a result, it will be possible to monitor the team’s response time, efficiency, and technical quality.

Know The Leading Indicators For The IT Area

Now that you know the importance of technology KPIs how about getting to know the most adopted practices in the sector? So you can come up with ideas for your company. Look:

Call Response

The IT team needs to always be ready to answer customer and user calls . After all, they depend on this support to work. The more agile and effective the service, the better the performance indicator.

For this reason, an excellent KPI for the tech industry is call response time and level. This indicator can monitor things like:

  • acceptable response time;
  • the interval between calls;
  • the period in which the employee or customer is without production due to a lack of a response from the IT team.

By evaluating these results, the manager will be able to understand the team’s efficiency and what were the main problems identified. From this, it will be possible to implement new methodologies to provide faster service.

Closed Tickets

This is a KPI that measures the quality and productivity of technical support. It allows you to check the number of resolved requests and analyze the team’s performance and the time needed to resolve each situation.

In this way, it is possible to map which areas of the company use IT support the most and develop specific training for the sector. Added to this, it is possible to check if there is any technical failure in a given product and correct it. To create a closed ticket KPI, it is necessary to consider the following aspects:

  • number of open calls in a given period;
  • number of problems solved;
  • service sector.

In the long term, this practice will allow for the reallocation of employees in the sectors that most need attention. Improving training and verifying the need to hire more professionals will also be possible.

System Operation

Daily activities are increasingly related to the use of technology. Therefore, a stopped system means loss and time for the company. In this sense, the availability of tools is an essential factor that needs to be evaluated by the IT manager. How to assess this KPI? Factors such as:

  • The time that a given system was down;
  • agility and quality of the system’s operation during the company’s peak hours;
  • employee productivity level;
  • Relationship between the hours the system should work in a month and comparing them with when it was unavailable.

With this, it will be possible to assess whether the systems work within the expected standards or if they have any deficiencies.

Requests Fulfilled

An important KPI for the IT team is assessing user or customer service level. The evaluation can be instituted, through grades, to understand if the service is positive or negative. And ask questions to better understand the scenario, which may involve the time used for the service and the delay in solving the problem.

Integration With Other Sectors

There are many technology KPIs, but perhaps the integration with other company sectors is one of the most important. This is because it allows for evaluating everyone’s productivity and, consequently, measuring the participation of the IT team in the company’s success. Therefore, it is essential to check the following situations:

  • time spent performing tasks in the past;
  • time used after IT staff training and support;
  • several times, the system was down.

This comparison will make it possible to assess whether there was an increase in the productivity of the other company employees after the technology team’s participation.

Error Rate

Another important KPI for the IT team is the error and rework rate. It allows you to assess system failures, identify the causes and correct them. Therefore, the manager can consider the following aspects:

  • identify the error;
  • check if only a part of the system is faulty or if it is a general problem;
  • analyze whether there is a deficiency in the system’s database, such as problems filling in and sending information.

Given this, it will be possible to assess whether the IT team spends a lot of time adjusting the systems or whether they work correctly.

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