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Artificial Intelligence: Understand Its Impact On Business

Artificial Intelligence: It has long been said that the advancement of technology happens at a much faster rate than before. Just realize that a lot that seemed limited to the universe of science fiction movies has now come to life.

We still don’t have cars flying around, but drones are getting more advanced. Added to this are some robots capable of maintaining a conversation so spontaneously that it is difficult to notice any degree of artificiality. However, these and other feats are due to the constant improvement of so-called artificial intelligence  (AI).

This intelligence is much closer to your company than you might think. Keeping up with the pace of technological change is already a major competitive differentiator for various types of business. Artificial intelligence is closer than you think, even if you feel you have something straightforward to talk to with such technological sophistication.

Next, you will learn about the main aspects of intelligence that takes on a life of its own in the hands of ultra-intuitive human beings. From now on, the relationship between people and machines will never be the same. 

How Does Artificial Intelligence Work?

With cloud computing, the system based on artificial intelligence already gathers the ideal volume of data. With this solid and broad database, it is enough that the concepts of machine learning and deep learning are adequately explored.

However, AI does not stop there. It is still intertwined with other mechanisms that help to materialize it. The Internet of Things, for example, depends on a level of automation provided precisely by artificial intelligence. According to the system used in an intelligent home, living with the residents creates automatic settings. Depending on the ambient temperature, the system can decide what would be (usually) the temperature manually adjusted by the user under those conditions.

It should also be noted that, in addition to algorithms, artificial intelligence evolves on par with APIs (application programming interfaces). The expected results only happen, in the end, if there are graphic processing units developed with state-of-the-art technology.

How Can It Be Applied In Companies?

At this point, it is normal for many people to wonder how to apply artificial intelligence in their companies. Using AI is an excellent way to implant a  culture of innovation in your business. By innovating, the organization strengthens its structures and learns to cultivate disruptive thinking.

In addition to personalizing the recommendation of products or services to customers, AI is also present in our lives in other ways. Next, relevant uses of artificial intelligence in the corporate environment will be presented.

Image Capture And Analysis

In companies, it can be used in facial recognition systems. With this, the organization gains more security regarding the flow of people authorized to enter the premises. Adopting this type of mechanism optimizes manual recognition, usually done by comparing the individual and the photo of an identification document.

Further, facial recognition tends to be very useful in restricted areas of the company. With technology, it is easier to control the internal access of the employees themselves. In many companies, there are closely monitored research laboratories. In such cases, adopting next-generation AI is a way to protect the value of valuable discoveries.

Smart Apps

By taking app usability to the next level, AI frees employees from repetitive and tiring activities. Think about a whole series of routines that suitable applications could execute quickly.

In principle, managers tend to be wary of investing in technology, claiming the high cost. Experience demonstrates that innovative applications generate profound savings in the medium and long term.

This happens because employees become much more productive, being directed to tasks that change the business’s profitability. Added to this is the reduction or elimination of small failures that, when accumulated, became an unnecessary expense for the company. Best of all, the applications are customized according to the needs of each organization. 

Customized Product Recommendations

Companies that stand out in the market have many characteristics in common. In any field, maintaining a  good relationship with consumers and customers is the key to the success of a business. For this, you need to know the profile of the people who are so interested in your brand. In this sense, artificial intelligence is equally essential when evaluating consumer behavior.

A simplified example of this process is the indication of songs and movies performed by data streaming platforms. If we pay close attention and go back a little, we’ll find that the accuracy of these suggestions has improved a lot. They still make mistakes, but the amount of hits is impressive at various times.

All this intuition is the result of the level of improvement of machine learning. It’s not uncommon for a friend to say, “See such a movie! I’m sure you’ll like it.” This explains why systems based on artificial intelligence generate machines that are increasingly closer to humans.

In situations like this, the role of AI lies in providing necessary information for targeting products and services. The technology allows your company to send specific messages to specific groups of customers. The company earns one more point in the customer’s evaluation for each correct suggestion.

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