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See How To Apply Technology In People Management

Technology in People Management: Digital transformation in companies is no longer a novelty; however, much is said about using technological resources to improve production or logistics processes.

We cannot forget that the HR sector also benefits from these strategies when applying technology to people management.

With the robust hybrid and remote work trend, it is essential to explore technological tools in this sense. They are great allies to keep the team engaged and motivated and to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

In this way, we maintain the productivity of professionals and guarantee a better employee experience and the quality of deliveries. So that you know how to promote this change, we have prepared this article. Read on and check out some ways to apply technology in team management.

How To Apply Technology In Team Management?

It’s no use carrying out an excellent recruitment and selection process and choosing the best candidates if team management still leaves something to be desired. When we don’t do this step correctly, we don’t exploit the full potential of the formed team.

Adopting the best actions and strategies is essential to ensure full engagement and alignment with the organizational culture and objectives. For this, we can apply technology in people management in remote work and in person.

The approaches present some similarities in these two modalities of action, such as controlling and promoting the training and development of people, but there are also several differences. See below how technological resources can be applied in these two realities.

In Remote Work

A significant fact that professionals who work remotely always need to be highlighted is that they are not working alone. Because of physical distance, there is this feeling that the home office is an isolated job, but it is not.

Technology in people management helps to integrate teams while maintaining proximity between all professionals, remote and face-to-face. It guarantees more efficient communication and rapid exchange of information, enabling joint work.

Several tools can be used to monitor productivity at home. They make it possible to manage tasks and clear deadlines and goals, allowing the remote team to organize their work better.

We cannot forget, still, the importance of constant feedback. They are possible based on reports generated from data and information collected from systems and programs. They can be shared individually with each professional or through videoconferencing and online meetings to promote a moment of interaction.

In Face-To-Face Work

In face-to-face work, technology in people management continues to be very efficient in controlling the workforce. It is used, for example, to monitor compliance with work hours and absences, including the reasons that led to absences.

With this, it is possible to understand what negatively impacts employees’ work and interferes with their attendance and productivity. Thus, HR can promote actions that prevent these occurrences, avoiding embezzlement in the team.

Even in face-to-face work, technology allows setting goals for each professional or team. With them, it is possible to maintain the organization of work and the best productivity, as in the home office system.

At the same time, we can provide training and qualifications online, minimizing costs involved with travel and accommodation, for example. In this way, we enable the development of personnel and updating knowledge without significant impacts on the organization — and in a way that is more comfortable for the professional.

What Is The Real Impact Of Digital Transformation In The Professional Environment?

We can point to several impacts of technology on people management; after all, as you have seen, through it, we can:

  • maintain the organization of work;
  • ensure team productivity;
  • promote better interaction between professionals and the company;
  • improve communication between teams;
  • maintain engagement and involvement;
  • offer complete feedback ;
  • monitor the staff;
  • promote a better employee experience;
  • maintain the training and development of people.

Therefore, using technological resources aimed at team management impacts the satisfaction of professionals and the quality of their work. Therefore, the company achieves better results.

Another detail we cannot forget is the strong presence of generation Z in the job market, which points to the need to explore technology. These professionals were born in a technological world, so these tools are part of their daily lives and allow them to explore their potential better.

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