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A Dive Into AI, Machine Learning, And Deep Learning

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI, machine learning and deep learning: Artificial Intelligence is realized from prior programming. This means that human beings need to present specific characteristics to machines with diverse information related to the world.

From then on, the intelligent machines can present reasoning similar to the human brain that solves problems, especially repetitive ones, and even elaborate planning with recognizing objects, voices, and faces, among others.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning belongs to the artificial intelligence part of the concept. Guided by ¨machine learning¨, it is the area of computing that studies the possibilities of robots performing tasks that people would do.

In this case, the programming used in computers is based on algorithms, that is, defined sequences of information and instructions to be followed by the machine. With these sequences, the device can make decisions about a given situation. The programming languages for using algorithms vary widely according to the goal.

How To Use Machine Learning In Practice?

In practice, machine learning can be used in several ways. Social media, internet searches, and digital marketing are some of them. Algorithms use the user’s browsing preferences to make new suggestions to them. All of this is based on the history of your internet browsing.

Machine learning is also effective in fraud detection. Do you know when banks and credit card companies call you to validate a purchase? They probably used this feature to flag a suspicious transaction on your account.

What Is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is machine learning; a practice considered more revolutionary. This is because their algorithms take a different approach. Much of the human pre-processing is dispensed with; they automatically generate invariant properties. In this case, the computer learns by itself to recognize data patterns in several processing layers. Its main feature is to make computers perform tasks like humans, such as speech recognition, language processing, image identification, and even predictions.

How To Use Deep Learning In Practice?

Turning leads into customers, for example. Algorithms can help sales professionals find the ideal moment to be effective in performance and win more customers.

Deep learning is superior when a very complex data set can be understood, analyzed, and utilized.

Relationship And Differences Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, And Deep Learning

To clarify the differences between these terms, it is essential to highlight that machine learning and deep learning are ways of using artificial intelligence.

But there are differences between machine and deep learning. The main one is that machine learning requires manual intervention in selecting features to be processed. Deep understanding, on the other hand, is intuitive. This is only possible because deep learning is created from an artificial neural network similar to how neurons work in the human brain.

We have arrived at Industry 4.0. We are experiencing the eruption of automation technologies, data exchange/browsing, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and much more.

Everyone already knows and talks about robotic customer service, which has begun to generate a revolutionary impact worldwide. But beyond what robots can do for us, what can they do for your business?

There is a factor today within Business Intelligence that is data mining. They help the work of teams by providing information that professionals can use intelligently.

This is done using robots called crawlers. They replace manual processes, doing the search for data much faster and more practical and helping with strategies and decision-making.

An example? It is the case of automated price collection. With the help of data mining, a company can price its products by comparing prices from other organizations in time to beat the competition.

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, robots are becoming increasingly intelligent, searching for a massive volume of data in a concise space.

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