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QR Code: A Growing Trend In The Market

QR Code: The development of Marketing strategies based on the idea of ​​integrating the online and offline universes, creating a pattern of interactivity between the potential consumer and the advertiser, has become a goal to be achieved by many companies.

Especially given the perception of a behavioral change in the target audience, more directly related to new technologies and the constant use of a diversity of screens in their activities.  

Did you know that there is a straightforward and well-known tool that can become a potentiating element of such strategies? We are talking about the QR Code, a previously little explored device, often ignored by the market but which has finally started to be examined according to its potential.

Faced with the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially about social isolation, the market was forced to dialogue directly with the public, making access to its product as simplified as possible. And nothing better than being a simple point of the camera built into the cell phone. 

What made this resumption possible were, precisely, the characteristics of fast, simplified access, in addition to the possibility of making information available that can be integrated into these digital labels.

What Is QR Code?

The QR Code, from the English term “Quick Response Code,” is a quick code label that allows the storage and access to files, content, data, websites, and pages on the internet through its reading. Similar to a barcode, although with a different purpose, it can be easily scanned by any smartphone, tablet, or device with internet access, just by pointing the camera into the machine.

How it works is very simple: every QR Code has a destination associated with it; that is, the reading will direct you to a link or perform any action, such as sending a message, for example.

The QR Code is a ubiquitous technology today, present in various everyday life situations, such as menus, magazines, lives, and TV shows. It has become a powerful engagement tool, especially given the diversity of code application possibilities and the proposal to enable greater interactivity with the consumer.

The Advantages Of Using The QR Code In Your Marketing Strategy

The QR Code is, above all, an extremely cheap and safe tool, which can be used for a vast range of marketing strategies, from increasing sales, even increasing your company’s credibility, directing customers to promotions and exclusive information, generating interactions and a greater degree of knowledge about the product offered.


 – Increased engagement through product-extensive content offers;

– Strengthening the relationship with the customer, thanks to the possibilities of service;

– Increase in conversions by targeting landing pages ;

– Increased interactivity with different contents;

– Ease of access to new content;

– And the possibility of developing a database that helps in monitoring the target audience.

How To Use QR Code In Marketing Campaigns?

There is no exaggeration in stating that the limits of using the QR Code in advertising campaigns are in the imagination of those who develop such strategies. After all, quite effectively, this code can be used in various spheres of a company.

In the area of ​​sales and marketing, the tool is associated with concepts of interactivity, integration, dynamism, and simplification of access by the target audience. Through it, it is possible to measure the reach of the designated actions since the tool allows, among many other possibilities, to survey how many people were related to the advertisement, interacted with the product, or were interested in the services offered.

The objectives can range from a simple incentive to a newsletter subscription, such as interactions with social networks, access to the website with more information about the product, or the granting of discounts linked to access. 

 To use the QR Code in your strategy, we have separated some essential guidelines:

Know Your Audience Well

The success of any marketing campaign is directly linked to the level of familiarity that the target audience will have with the language that will be chosen to convey the message. With the QR Code, it will be no different.

Although the tool is not a big technological novelty, it requires a minimum familiarization with smartphones, something that is extremely common for adults and teenagers but may not be as well known by an older audience or that is not used to using the cell phone. as second screen.

In this scenario, using the QR Code in strategies aimed at a specific market niche, especially related to technology, fashion, and lifestyle, or even a segmentation by age group, income, and media consumption, tend to generate more results. Suitable.

In some cases, it may be interesting to develop hybrid strategies that can contain the QR Code for a more familiar audience and, at the same time, educate the new audience to use it until these people are familiar with this technology and can take advantage of it. 

Integrate The QR Code Into The Message

The QR Code should be understood as a complementary tool to the marketing strategy to be developed and not as the strategy itself. Using technology not integrated with a specific message will possibly bring results that fall short of those expected.

When preparing the advertising piece, the operator must remember that the main message must be conveyed immediately, using the QR Code as an access element to complement the primary information. Technology should serve as an integrative element of your actions.

Make The QR Code More Accessible

As much as there is a certainty that the message is suitable to be developed with a specific audience already familiar with the technology, it is always advisable that the QR Code be accompanied by complimentary access to the particular content explored through the tool.

This can be done by simply indicating other channels of access to the same content, such as e-mail addresses, websites, or even telephone numbers if the objective is to establish communication with an audience less related to technological elements.

What is certain is that the popularity of smartphones and similar technologies has made the QR Code become a new and essential element in Marketing strategies, capable of being exploited in various ways to enhance sales strategies and advertising campaigns.

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