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More Intelligence In Serving Digital Companies

Digital Companies: Providing excellent customer service, whether partners or end consumers of digitally native companies, such as those that provide passenger transport and food delivery service, is an indispensable factor in differentiation.

This can contribute to achieving better results, with an increase in the number of consumers and sales. 

However, it is a fact that many managers do not know how to transform the service. With that in mind, we prepared this post to provide tips on achieving more intelligence in this regard. Follow us! 

Count On The Best Technologies On The Market 

Typically, digital native companies behave like pioneers in their field of activity. Therefore, partners (restaurants, drivers, moto boys, etc.) and end consumers (those who purchase services and products) have high expectations. 

In this context, numerous technologies can generate more intelligence for the customer service process in a digital native company. Some examples are chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and integrated customer relationship management systems, also known as CRMs. 

In addition to this thinking, it is essential to highlight that partners and consumers expect native digital companies to adopt these and other technologies and strategies. After all, they were born within the scope of the technological universe, which is why they require consistent behavior in this sense. 

Drive The Continuous Improvement Of Your Processes 

The modern customer is demanding, in the sense of requesting an increasingly fast and committed service from the company. 

Therefore, it is also essential to promote the continuous improvement of processes. One way to meet this demand is to evaluate the customer experience with the service provided by the digital companies.  


Launched in 2019, VEX is a methodology that aims to achieve the best indicators linked to complete customer satisfaction during service. 

The project’s mission is to continuously improve processes related to customer service in a contact center. With it, you can achieve better results on several fronts of a digitally native company, such as increasing the number of partners, consumers, and sales. 


Next to the VEX, there is the MASP, or Problem Analysis and Solution Methodology. This project was developed based on the NPS indicator, or Net Promoter Score. 

VEX and MASP work to promote improvements in customer service processes within a contact center. With this, it is possible to ensure assertiveness in operations, improve customer satisfaction indicators and achieve consolidation in the market.

Optimize Customer Service Operations

Adopting new technologies and methodologies can optimize the digital native company’s customer service operations. This factor is critical not only because it contributes to increased customer satisfaction but also helps to reduce costs. 

After all, technologies such as chatbots, for example, automatically solve customers’ main questions. This, in general terms, reduces the need to hire employees to compose the service team.  

However, this reality does not mean one should not have a good service team. Complex cases require human intervention for the customer to be able to solve their problem. Technology, in this context, makes the customer service process smarter. 

Offer The Customer The Best Value For Money  

To achieve more intelligence in the customer service process in your digital native company, having the best technologies is essential but not enough. It is necessary to provide more than just facilitating or optimizing tools. 

In this context, it is also essential to offer great value for money to the customer, who needs to know they are getting a great deal by joining the platform. This logic applies to both partners and end consumers. 

For example: why is it more attractive for the end consumer to order transport via an app than to take a taxi? Or even ordering food rather than going to the physical establishment? Likewise, what is the advantage of a restaurant choosing its platform to offer its products exclusively? 

In summary, customer service is not limited to when he needs to solve something or ask a question. It involves a broad experience, which begins at the moment of attracting partners and consumers and has no end, at least as long as the relationship exists. 

So choose the best technologies on the market and customer service support that makes a difference. A central contact center with a qualified team must improve the company’s consumer relationships. 

Partners often question the benefits of partnering with a particular digital native company—for example, commission percentage, fees charged, etc. Likewise, final consumers, such as the cost of shipping, whether there are discount coupons, etc. 

Always Be Aware Of The Consumer Journey 

Finally, always be aware of the consumer journey, which is the path the customer takes, going beyond becoming a frequent app user. Until some time ago, he used massive media, such as TV and radio, to get to know new companies and launches of his favorite brands.

However, technological development advanced over time, and the customer started using digital technologies to explore products and services better. Before making their account on a platform, they seek to obtain as much information as possible.

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