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Know What Digital Transformation Is And Its Impact

Given the popularization of the expression, you have already heard about digital transformation. The term has attracted the attention of national and international companies from all market sectors.

But what exactly is digital transformation? Some people believe it is just an effort made by the IT sector or actions that seek to improve the customer experience or even the adoption of techniques or concepts related to the vast digital world.

However, it is essential to say that digital transformation is not a futuristic or future-oriented concept but a strategy that must be observed by companies in the now so that they remain alive, as well as to reach their goals with agility. , efficiency and productivity.

With that in mind, there is no doubt that it is necessary to understand precisely what this concept means. Incidentally, it is also essential to understand its impact on society,  we have achieved from this transformation.

With that in mind, we have prepared this content to present the essentials regarding this solution. So be sure to check it out next!

What Is Digital Transformation?

We can understand digital transformation as the process by which companies use technology to improve their performance, expand their professional field and ensure satisfactory results, which can attract investment, if applicable.

We can still understand digital transformation as a change in the structure of a company, which makes technology play an essential role and a central one. It organizes the company’s processes, making them more efficient and productive.

It has likely crossed your mind that companies have invested heavily in technology, considering that many have profiles on social networks and corporate blogs. So, thinking about digital transformation based on this perspective is a mistake. This concept is much broader than being present on the internet.

Reinforcing digital transformation involves a significant change in the organizational structure, in which technology plays a central strategic role. Therefore, it is a process that takes time and requires investments. However, any organization can implement digital transformation in their businesses, as this is about more than just money. It is a procedure that involves investment, collaboration, and willingness to change.

Digitization, digitization And Digital Transformation

Many people need to understand digital transformation with digitization and digitization. Although these are part of the digital transformation, it should be noted that they are different processes or stages, as we will see below:


Digitization can be characterized as converting analog information into digital format. In other words, it is the process by which signals, images, and sounds, for example, are transformed into bits and stored in digital devices.

Many companies have benefited from this process, as storing and protecting critical and confidential information has become more accessible.


Digitization is already a broader concept and involves advanced technologies, such as, for example, the internet of things, big data, cryptocurrency, etc.

While it’s a mistake to think this way, many people believe that digitization is a process that only uses IT skills. The highlighted examples show that digitization goes far beyond that because it involves a broader technological perspective to cause significant societal changes.

Digital Transformation

Now we finally come to digital transformation. Unlike previous stages or processes, digital transformation is described as digitization’s general and universal impact on society or a company.

In this way, digital transformation results from both digitization and digitalization of processes, operations, activities, and whatever else is necessary for a company to become entirely transformed by digital culture.

Impacts Of Digital Transformation On Society/Market

Digital transformation is a concept that profoundly impacts society as a whole, including every company.

How does this impact occur, or how can we visualize it? To imagine this, consider how technology has been, for example, changing your life, bringing more efficiency and productivity to your everyday life. It is an example that you can project for society, including companies.

If you want to pay a bill, go to your bank’s tech app and make the payment. If you want to eat sushi, do the same, that is, download the food app and order what you like best. Technology is ingrained in society, facilitating payments, ordering food, and even transportation.

Generally speaking, things are getting faster and faster, and the amount of information is infinitely more significant than before, and it is still increasing. Today, people can search for practically everything using their mobile technological device (cell phone) and a good search engine, which can be Google or another of their choice.

From a simple search, tens of thousands of pieces of information are generated, which saves you time and makes a faster decision, whether, for example, to buy a product or service.

Furthermore, our lives have become “easier” because automated products and services offer conveniences that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Today, for example, it is possible to rely on a management technology capable of crossing data and issuing precise management reports, thus optimizing this operation and ensuring, for companies, a more agile and efficient decision-making process.

On the other hand, new challenges have emerged, such as, for example, the growth in the number of complaints from dissatisfied customers with certain products and services. This reality is perceived more clearly because technologies have allowed people, in general, not only to comment on what they think about products/services provided by companies but also to connect their thoughts to a vast network of consumers.

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